The week that was

Sunset in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

How’s isolation life treating you?  I find have days where I enjoy being within in the confines of four walls – warm, content and protected from the outside world.  Other days I feel claustrophobic and yearn for normality and the ability to just go and do as I please.   It is what it is though and like all challenging situations I know this too will pass.

Here’s how my last seven days have looked…


Laptop on jute table runner beside a pot of succulents.

Blog writing day.  A few months ago I decided to set aside Monday mornings for writing. After breakfast and once Paul is down for his first nap of the day I like to sit at our dining table, look out the window and type away. I normally have all my photos edited for my posts and know what I’m going to be writing about, so I can usually get everything done while Paul is asleep. Over the last few weeks it’s been nice to know I have a task to complete.  It reminds me it’s the start of a week and I always feel like I’ve accomplished something after my post is written.


Chocolate, hazelnut and cranberry biscuits on a wooden board.

Like Monday is blog day, Tuesday is baking day.  Both Adam and I have been doing a lot of cooking over the last couple of weeks.  Again, it’s a little project and there’s a sense of achievement when it’s complete (and devoured!) With the weather significantly cooling over the last week or so, warm biscuits full of fruit, nuts and chocolate have been my go to. I use an Annabel Crabb recipe from her Special Delivery cookbook and it never fails me.   Her biscuits are perfect with a cup of tea and I like the challenge of changing my filling combinations, depending on what’s in the pantry.


Looking down on a colouring book and pencils.

A couple of years ago I bought a colouring book to help entertain little visitors to our house. Cleaning out drawers the other day I stumbled across it yet again and decided to pull it and the colouring pencils out.  Of an evening I’ve often sat in the lounge room and coloured away, sometimes while watching a show on the television but more often than not, just in silence. It’s been a lovely way it quieten my mind before bed.  I’ve always enjoyed little creative projects and I’m hoping this might be the start of a new season in exploring art a little more.


Hand holding a book surrounded by a black and white check wool blanket and mustard yellow linen cushion.

We had our first proper autumn weather on Thursday.  It was rainy and quite chilly – the sort of day where you want to stay inside.  I’ve been really struggling to read books since this all started.  Every time I sit down, I find my thoughts wander and can’t get into the story.  I’m continuing to try however, even if it’s just a page every now and again.  The local library has an extensive collection of books and magazines online, so perhaps if my struggle continues I might browse what’s available and see if a new story (rather than an old one pulled down from the bookshelf) might help.


ooking down on a seedling in a pot beside pots of succulents.

Seeds I’d sown earlier in the year have recently been transplanted into pots in the garden.  With the rain and and the extra space my little seedlings have exploded into the life and seem to get bigger every day.  I’m enjoying having a little wander about the garden most days to see how they’re getting on. My Craspedias (bill buttons) are going crazy, but unfortunately a few of my Echinacea plants have been munched on by slugs.  Adam put some pellets down for me, so hopefully the surviving seedlings will take off now too.


Clouds in the sky.

Saturday was a funny old day – sunshine one minute, heavy rain the next.  I spent much of the day staring at the sky, watching its mood go from benign to furious over and over again.  Adam and I had planned to spend the afternoon in the garden, but our plans were thwarted by the weather. Instead we did an online yoga class.  I wasn’t that enthused when we started, but I felt so much better afterwards.  It was a gentle reminder of how important keeping up exercise is at the moment.


Looking down on a homemade chicken and mushroom pie.

Adam made his chicken pie on Sunday night for dinner. It was comforting and hearty and just the right sort of meal for this strange time.  He made the pastry from scratch and the filling cooking on the stove provided a lovely scent to our slow Sunday afternoon.  We ate by candlelight and I’m rather stoked there’s leftovers for tonight’s supper.

How have your last seven days looked?

Have a wonderful week, and happy Easter!

M. x

3 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. That chicken pie looks delish! I would like to try one myself, I need to find the time (anche the courage) to give a go at some of the recipes I found in a Pie Minister Cookbook Iwas gifted a while ago 🙂


    1. I love Pie Minister… and I didn’t know they had a cookbook (note to self!). I can remember buying the individually packaged pies in Waitrose for easy suppers when I was living in England.


      1. Yes, they have many, the lastest one is called “Pieminister: A Pie for All Seasons”.
        We used to ive quite close to Trentham gardens and there is a shop in the little village outside the gardens including a restaurant where you can eat in pies with all the mash 🙂

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