Looking towards Merton College, Oxford, England.

Oxford is the sort of place where you spend most of your time looking up. The architecture in this city is breathtaking and I’m certain during my brief visit last weekend, I tripped over half a dozen times because I just couldn’t take my eyes off the magnificent buildings all around!

Christ Church Memorial Garden, Oxford, England.

The city is famous of course because of Oxford University, the oldest university in the English speaking world.  The first teachings in Oxford are believed to have occurred in 1096! Oxford has been on my ‘world wide bucket list’ for some time, so en route to meeting up with some friends in London, Adam and I dropped in for a wander.

The university is very much a part of the city and its buildings, residencies and libraries are scattered throughout the city centre.

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford, England.

It was a sunny Saturday when we visited and there were tourists everywhere. Although it was lovely, I’d be keen to return on a wet winter’s day when it’s less frantic.

Bodleian Library, Oxford, England.

We only had a few hours to look around, so instead of doing a heap of research and noting a list of ‘must see places’, Adam and I let the visit unfold, walking a little aimlessly and just enjoying the ambience of the city.

Hertford Bridge, Oxford, England.

We window shopped in a huge book store, a fabulous map shop and enjoyed lunch in the city’s covered market.

Sanders of Oxford map shop.

Oxford Covered Market.

Most of the university buildings were closed to the public, but I enjoyed sneaking a peak into beautifully maintained gardens and quadrangles through gateways.

Looking into Mob Quad at Merton College, Oxford, England.

I also snapped dozens of pictures of doors around the city. Some of them were just amazing!

Door in the Bodleian Library Quadrangle, Oxford, England.

Entrance to Hertford College, Oxford, England.

There appears to be a big bike riding culture in Oxford – we spotted rows of them in front of university buildings and you’ve got to watch for cyclists when you’re crossing the road.

Christ Church Memorial Garden, Oxford, England.

Oxford is the sort of the city that leaves you a little breathless.  The debates, discussions and problems that have been pondered in this small part of England must run into their billions. I can see why people dream of studying at a place like Oxford – it’s truly inspiring.

Christ Church, Oxford, England.

I’m kicking myself a little for not visiting the botanic gardens and strolling along the River Thames (or the Isis) as it’s known locally – but perhaps that’s an excuse for a return trip?!

















4 thoughts on “Oxford 

  1. Oh my goodness. So gorgeous. I’m in love with gates and doors, also, so thank you for sharing those! Oxford was on our itinerary, but alas we changed last minute due to jet lag/exhaustion. I’ve been kicking myself every since. Blackwell’s was on my list for the visit. I hadn’t heard of the map shop or market. Sigh. Someday.


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