Seaside and sunshine

The Cornish village of Port Isaac from the South West Coast Path.

Cornwall is a truly spectacular part of England, with the most stunning natural scenery. It also boats some pretty gorgeous coastal villages and over the August bank holiday weekend, I got to explore a few…

Charlestown is right by the major centre of St Austell on the Cornish south coast.

Old ships in the harbour at Charlestown, Cornwall, England.

It has a beautiful Grade II listed harbour, which houses a collection of old ships. It was only after I visited that I learnt Charlestown has also been used as a filming location for various movies and television programs, including the BBC’s latest adaptation of Poldark.

Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall, England.

There is a very rocky beach at Charlestown – walking it was a little like tackling the ‘soft sand’ in Australia – but it was a wonderful place to explore.  Rock pools full of seaweed and tiny fish, and even a few caves.  Looking out onto the ocean from inside made me feel like a pirate!

The beach at Charlestown, Cornwall, England.

A cave on the beach at Charlestown, Cornwall, England.

Rock pools on the beach at Charlestown, Cornwall, England.

Charlestown feels very much like a fishing village and I loved how boats, nets and other equipment lay scattered all around the harbour. It was all slightly battered and the air was full of a heady scent of fish and sea salt.

Boat and fishing nets at Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall, England.

Scales and fishing equipment at Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall, England.

Port Isaac is on Cornwall’s northern coast.  It was on my mum’s ‘must see’ list, as it’s where the television series, Doc Martin is filmed (she’s a bit of a fan!). You can see why the producers of the show chose Port Isaac – it really is a beautiful little village with amazing views.

View from South West Coast Path of Port Isaac in Cornwall, England.

Adam, my family and I walked up a steep section of the South West Coast Path, to reach the headland overlooking Port Isaac. We were greeted with amazing views and oodles of sunshine and blue sky.

The harbour at Port Isaac, Cornwall, England.

The Port Isaac Fishing Co-Op in Cornwall, England.

We had a little more time in Port Isaac and I enjoyed wandering around the narrow, cobbled streets taking in some of the houses locals live in. Some had amazing views, others cute names, and most had beautiful pots or hanging baskets full of flowers.

House in Port Isaac, Cornwall, England, overlooking the ocean.

Cottage in Port Isaac, Cornwall, England.

Hanging basket of flowers in Port Isaac, Cornwall, England.

I had a delicious fresh crab sandwich for lunch in a little pub, right by the seaside. There was sand on the floor and I loved peeking out of the tiny windows to watch the crowds mill on by.

Window in The Golden Lion pub, Port Isaac, Cornwall, England.

On dark, cold days in the winter to come I think I’ll look back on the pictures taken during our visit to Charlestown and Port Isaac and remember the warm sun on my back, the salty tang in the air the little buzz of joy you get when you explore special places with the people you care the most about.

Until next week. x



5 thoughts on “Seaside and sunshine

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! I’d highly recommend getting to Cornwall if you’re in the U.K. It’s a really special place with the most beautiful scenery and villages. Have a wonderful weekend. M. X


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