Early Christmas

A Christmas bauble hanging in a frosted tree.

This year I’m going to be lucky enough to enjoy Christmas with two families, in two countries, in two hemispheres. December the 25th will be spent in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia – Adam and I will be in our old home and we’ll share a festive meal with some of his distant family that live in town.

Our English family wanted to celebrate with us though before we flew back to Australia, so on December 3rd we had ‘early Christmas’…

It started with a lovely lie-in, then a big family breakfast full of pastries, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and coffee.

A snowflake sticker on a window.

Presents were put under the tree and everyone had sneaky glances trying to guess what might be contained within the wrapping paper.

Mulled wine was heated for elevenses (it is ‘Christmas after all!) and a festive playlist filled the entire house with music.

Glass of mulled wine being held beside a Christmas tree.

Tables were moved and set, delicious smells started coming frequently from the kitchen and outfits full of red and green knitwear were donned.

There were silly napkins to wear across laps, crackers were cracked and I possibly ate the biggest Christmas lunch of my lifetime.

Christmas underpants table napkins.

Christmas dinner on a table.

Grandad spilled red wine on the lounge, Granny played patience with her newly acquired cracker win card set and a chocolate cake had to be cut open with the assistance of a hammer.

A chocolate Christmas pudding being cut with a knife and hammer.

Afternoon naps were snuck in, cups of tea consumed and new games played (it’s a lot of fun!)

Beasts of Balance game being played.

By early evening our numbers swelled again and even more food was consumed.  There was a Strictly Come Dancing viewing party and plenty of cuddles with the newest member of the family.

Christmas isn’t December 25th, it’s family, friends and loved ones coming together to celebrate. It can happen on any day of year really. So here’s to being festive, no matter what the date and eating, drinking and being merry.

Have a wonderful week. x

7 thoughts on “Early Christmas

  1. How lovely Melinda, sounds like the perfect way to end the year in England. Travel safely and enjoy your time in South Africa before heading back to Aus.


    1. Thanks Kerri! Terribly upset at missing all the snow that’s fallen across the U.K. over the last 24 hours of snow (8+ inches in Malvern!) but very much enjoying the sunshine in South Africa! X


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