The littlest one

Smiling sun on 'new baby' card.

Sometimes it feels like good news is hard to come by.  Every time you switch on a television, log onto a computer, listen to the radio or open a newspaper there are tales of death, destruction and dire circumstances.  Sometimes though, stories of celebration, of love and new life shine through the doom and gloom and it’s so nice celebrate them.

A few days after Adam and I announced our engagement, the newest member of our English family was born.  A little girl, to Adam’s cousin and her husband…

It was wonderful that one celebration rolled into another and for a whole week there were so many lovely cards, text messages and visits taking place, taking pleasure in big life achievements.

'Welcome to the world little one' card.

We were actually meant to have dinner with Em and Andy the night the baby started to make her appearance. Understandably, that catch up got delayed, but three days after bub arrived, we were all able to get together to toast both events.

Adam made a celebratory, raspberry, white chocolate and almond cake and Andy, despite having newer, more important priorities, still managed to cook up a beautiful two course meal.

Raspberry, white chocolate and almond cake.

There were glasses of champagne, lots of talk about life as new parents, wedding planning and of course multiple snuggly cuddles.

Newborn baby hand holding a man's finger.

Adam and I couldn’t help but find a very clichéd present, but hopefully in years to come, baby will learn why it was chosen!

Stuffed koala toy.

Life can be bloody hard at times, but by golly, it can be pretty darn lovely too. Here’s to good news and the wonderful warm, fuzzy feeling it brings.

Have a wonderful weekend. x

P.S. – Adam and I fly to Iceland this weekend for a week-long adventure. We are so excited! If you’ve got any tips/hints/recommendations we’d love to hear to them. Can’t wait to share our trip with you when we return. 🙂





6 thoughts on “The littlest one

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Juliana! Will definitely take a look at that site. We’ve got a rough itinerary but how it all unfolds will largely depend on the weather- which can change from one extreme to the other, very quickly! I’ll be posting pictures on Instagram, so keep in touch there and I look forward to sharing more when I’m back in England. Have a great weekend. X


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