Local life: A weekend in Beechworth

Covered sitting area at Erindale B&B, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.

I found myself with an unexpected three day weekend last week on account on working some overtime. It couldn’t have come at a better time really. Both Adam and I were at the tail end of an exceptionally busy couple of weeks at work and we’d both just recovered from head-colds. Instead of hunkering down at home for a few days, we decided to make the most of the bonus day and treat ourselves to a long-weekend away.

I found a lovely bed and breakfast in Beechworth, Victoria – a charming, historic town about two hours drive from Wagga Wagga.  We made a reservation, and on Friday we headed south…

We arrived mid afternoon at ‘Erindale’, a beautifully restored cottage about 10 minutes walk from the Beechworth’s town centre.

Front facade of Erindale B&B, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.

Our hosts, Charles and Glenda, were friendly and welcoming, and we spent our first hour or so enjoying pineapple and coconut friands with a pot of tea in the cottage’s conservatory watching hail, rain and sunshine appear and then disappear in five minute bursts.

The conservatory at Erindale B&B, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.

The conservatory was probably my favourite room in the house – I loved being able to watch the dormant winter garden from the comfort of inside.  Adam and I did manage to pop out for a wander amongst the greenery and were rewarded with a few early spring bulbs, bursting into flower.

The garden at the Erindale B&B, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.

Jonquils flowering in a garden.

Our bedroom was decorated in style sympathetic to the rest of the house and proved exceptionally comfortable, however the adjoining bathroom was a little chilly, particularly in the early morning and evening.

Bedroom at Erindale B&B, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.

Adam and I had decided we wanted a really slow weekend, with quiet days, naps and early nights.  Once we’d parked the car on Friday, we didn’t get back in it until we left two days later, preferring to walk when wanted time away from our accommodation.

On the Friday night we enjoyed cocktails and tapas at a tiny, Spanish restaurant and on the Saturday (after a beautiful two-course breakfast at the cottage) we had a slow amble up and down the main street, stopping for coffee at a wine bar (yes!) and to browse through some lovely independent shops.

Cup of coffee and newspaper.

On Saturday night we found ourselves at the local brewery and wiled away the hours sipping beers, flipping through books, eating pizza and warming ourselves by the fire.

Beer, book and bonfire at Bridge Road Brewery, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.

By the time Sunday morning rolled around we both felt utterly relaxed.  It was just the little escape we both needed, and it left us feeling energised for the days ahead.

Have a wonderful week. x

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