The easy Easter

Looking into a bag full of Easter eggs.

I love the Easter break. In my family it’s always been about hiding away for a few days at home to take it easy, eat good food, indulge a little and enjoy the start of cool nights and gloriously comfortable days.

Although I returned to the office this morning, to have three days off in a row was luxurious.  I’ve been starting work at 5:30am which means a before 5:00am alarm, so I currently consider sleeping past 6:00am as a ‘lie-in’!

Adam and I can’t really remember the last time we had a few days to do as much or as little as we wanted. Here’s a peak of what we got up to…

Good Friday started quietly with coffee and hot cross buns in bed.

Flat lay of a tray sitting on an unmade bed with two cups of coffee and two toasted hot cross buns.

We then headed off for an early lunch with family, which finished with games on the back lawn.  It was a beautiful day and I was excited to spot a tree that had just started to turn yellow – autumn looks like it’s finally starting to arrive.  Hurrah!

A tree starting to turn yellow in autumn peeking out between two green trees.

Saturday we ran errands in town and did a big grocery shop ahead of having friends and their two kids over for dinner.  Adam hid some treats for an Easter egg hunt and I put together a holiday appropriate chocolate cake, that I spotted the recipe for on Heidi’s blog a few weeks ago. It was decadent and rich but not too sweet and was a hit with both the adults and the children.

Nigella Lawson's chocolate olive oil cake sitting in a cake tin.

Sunday we rose early for a walk with some neighbourhood friends, revelling in the cool morning air and the quietness of our estate and the surrounding farm land. We then settled in for a long breakfast full of pancakes and coffee.

Farm land around Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia.

When the afternoon rolled around we took advantage of our last few hours of the long weekend to read, chill out and consume a few litres of tea.

A barefoot woman in jeans drinking tea and reading a book.

It was just the tonic we both needed after a fairly busy few weeks. Sometimes it’s just really nice to stay put, slow down and notice the beauty in the every day. What did you get up to over Easter?

I hope you have a wonderful week. x


7 thoughts on “The easy Easter

    1. In Australia, most workers get both Good Friday and Easter Monday off – so a four day weekend. I know annual leave entitlements are fairly different between Australia and the US, but I didn’t realise there were no public holidays attached to Easter. Do you have any other public holidays coming up soon?

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      1. We have 1 day of for Memorial Day, which is last Monday of May. And then Independence Day 4th of July. But that is exactly why the first half of the year is so hard to get through – after New Year’s there is NOTHING (for most people, unless you are a Federal employee, then you get President’s day, etc. off) until end of May.


      2. Wow. Certainly Australia has a lot more public holidays and the average worker also gets 4 weeks paid holiday leave a year. I have to work public holidays in my job (bar Good Friday and Christmas Day) but get six weeks of paid annual leave a year as compensation.

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  1. It’s fun to read your longing for autumn as we are fairly salivating for some hint of spring. We had snow again yesterday, and for at least half the day those few struggling daffodils and crocuses were completely hidden.


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