Reasons to smile

Rooftops in the Wagga Wagga CBD, New South Wales, Australia.

It’s been a very quiet couple of days in our household, on account of a long working week for me (I’m on day seven and cannot wait for the weekend!) and some troublesome, emerging wisdom teeth for Adam.

When the monotony of the work-eat-sleep schedule gets me down I try really hard to be aware of all the ‘little things’ in my life that bring me joy every single day. It’s a nice way to take stock and remember, that there is beauty and wonder all around us.

So, here are three things making me smile this week…

Green daffodil stems emerging from the ground.

A few evenings ago I pulled up on our driveway and noticed some green stems emerging from the ground.  Back in May, Adam and I planted a heap of bulbs in our front garden to remind us of England.  It appears the first of daffodils are starting to emerge from the ground after a run of frosty mornings and sunny afternoons.  They’re a little earlier than expected, but now that I’ve spotted them I’m checking in on their progress every time I arrive home. I can’t wait until I’m able to pick my first posie of stems to pop in a vase.

Ruth Jones' 'Never Greener' sitting on a bed.

My returned love of reading is sticking around, and I borrowed my latest bedside table companion after spotting the author’s name on the front cover.  I adored Ruth Jones as Nessa in Gavin and Stacey so I thought I’d give her debut novel a shot. It’s easy to read, the characters are human and flawed, and I love that the chapters are only a few pages long. I often only find the time to read just before bed, and when a book has super long chapters it can be a little off-putting when you know you’ll only get halfway through before getting sleepy.   I’m only about a third of the way through, but so far I’m quite enjoying it.

A bare tree and blue skies.

Finally, Wagga Wagga’s had a run of beautiful winter days this week and the sunshine and extra few minutes of light we’re getting now solstice is over, are making the icy mornings and 4:45am alarms a little easier to bear. I love a good rainy winter’s day where you can snuggle up with a mug of hot chocolate… but when you’ve got to work super early, having a few hours of glorious blue sky in the afternoon feels like a decadent treat.

What’s been making you smile this week?

Have a wonderful weekend. x

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