Finding joy in the everyday

Pink and white lilies.

Sometimes you just have ‘one of those weeks’.  For me, nothing bad has really happened, it’s just been a long week (literally – I’m on my seventh working day straight!) and I’ve had a challenging story taking up much of my time at work.

It’s left me feeling a little weighed down, but instead of getting angry or upset I’m trying to switch off outside of work hours to find the joy in everyday moments…

Every morning I’m heading out  to say hello to the passionate fruit vine Adam’s planted in the back garden. It feels like it’s shooting up overnight and I like looking as its tiny little tendrils, reaching up and up towards the trellis.

A passion fruit vine planted in a garden against a fence.

It’s lovely seeing something living growing so rapidly and although I know it’ll be months before it bares any fruit it’s still nice to imagine the bounty we’ll eventually get.

A passion fruit vine planted in a garden against a fence.

I’m excited by the fact I can now pull my hair into a teeny, tiny pony tail. It’s been close to eight months since I got all my hair cut off, one warm day during the English summer last year. After Adam and I got engaged, I decided I wanted to grow it out.  Although I won’t have super long hair by the time our wedding comes around, I will hopefully have a little bit of length.  Getting to the ‘pony tail’ stage feels like a milestone and I’m looking forward to being able to tie my hair back on days when I’m feeling lazy (or when it needs a wash!)

Back of a woman's head, where hair is tied up into a small, low pony tail.

Finally, I got an unexpected bunch of flowers this week from a dear friend. They’re standing tall and proud in a beautiful crystal vase (also a gift from the same friend) in the big open space in the house that incorporates the kitchen, dining and sitting rooms.  It means pretty much whenever I’m at home I can glance over and look at them. I love having fresh flowers in the house and lilies are a variety I wouldn’t normally choose for myself, so they feel that little bit extra special.

Vase of pink and white lilies.

What are some of the little things that bring joy to your everyday?



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