Hello pixie!

Pink roses in bloom.

For the majority of my adult life I’ve enjoyed regular appointments at the hair salon.  My mother and her mother always had their hair ‘done’ and it was a little treat I always made sure I had money set aside for.  I love the whole experience – the mindless flipping through dozens of magazines, the chit chat with the stylist and luxury of having your hair washed and properly blow dried.

I popped into my mum’s regular salon about a week or so before Adam and I flew to England, knowing it was probably the last time in a little while that I’d pamper myself. Then life sort of happened, and moving abroad, setting up a new house and travelling became my priority.  Then a few weeks ago I had the realisation I hadn’t had a hair cut in eight (!!) months and decided it was time to treat myself once more.

So I did some research, asked girlfriends for recommendations and made an appointment at new a local salon.

My hair was the longest it’s been in years and I must admit, looking a little sad.  It felt a bit lifeless, had several inches of regrowth and was just a bit ‘blah’. Apart from throwing it up into a bun, pony tail or plait I wasn’t really doing too much with it.

Back of woman's head standing in front of mantle piece.

I wanted a change and after a few words of encouragement from Adam and a friend I decided I wanted it all chopped off. I started Pinteresting like mad and arrived at the salon with dozens of pictures to show my stylist, Tori.

I was super nervous about making such a big change to my appearance, but Tori listened, understood what I wanted and adapted the pictures I’d admired into a style that would (hopefully) suit me. We chatted the entire time and I was confident she knew what I was after.

I walked out looking a little different!  As I write this, my hair cut is only hours old and I’m still getting used to my new look.

This year has been all about change for me, so it feels rather apt to have done this.  I’d always admired super short pixie cuts on others but was never brave enough to get it done myself. I’ve done it now and so far it feels good, liberating almost. I’m going to channel my inner gamine, Twiggy style, and see how it goes.

Woman with short pixie cut style bob.

Have you ever altered your appearance dramatically?! Was is prompted by something or did you just need a change – I’d love to hear your stories!




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