A little lounge love

Dark blue lounge with grey, white and blue cushions, black,grey and white throw rug, and vase of white chrysanthemums.

When Adam and I moved back to Australia one of our first purchases was a new sofa.  It’s one of those pieces of furniture you end up using so very much, so we wanted it to a) be super comfortable and b) reflect the style and vision we had for our home together.

After a day or so trawling furniture stores across the Canberra, the one we both decided we liked the best ended up being from that famous Swedish superstore ;).

We got it back to Wagga Wagga, assembled it and threw on the cushions from our existing sofa. While they didn’t look bad, the cushions were years old and had started to enter that ‘pancake’ stage. I vowed I was going to replace them and this past weekend I finally got around to giving the lounge that little bit of love it deserves…

One of the main sources of inspiration for my sofa makeover was a set of  beautiful Country Road vases and the light blue tin box they came in, that my brother gave me for my birthday last year.

Set of three Country Road vases in white, black and taupe.

Light blue Country Road tin sitting on shelf.

They sit on a set of shelves opposite our dark blue sofa, so I find myself glancing at them often and their muted, tones work exceptionally well with the clean, minimalistic look our home’s developing.  They also match my favourite wool check throw rug – which coincidentally was also a gift from my brother for my first Christmas in the U.K.

With our wedding approaching and a few other projects on the horizon, I decided to set myself an (AU) $50 budget for my sofa refresh. I hit Australia’s most affordable homewares mecca, Kmart, and found both a white and grey cushion that took my fancy. I loved how each was neutral, but had texture. I bought two of each, which came in at a grand total of $40.

Kmart cushions in grey and white.

On a whim, I decided to pop into linen store, Adairs, as well, as I still had a little bit of money left over on a gift card from Christmas. I spotted a couple of European pillow cases in almost the exact same shade of blue as the tin in the lounge room.  I walked away with them as well, knowing I had a couple of European pillows stashed in the linen cupboard at home. They were marked down to $10, so although I slightly overspent on my budget, I figured as it was gift card money it was ok :).

Adairs European pillow cases.

When I got home I swapped out my old pillows for the new ones and was rather chuffed with the end result. Our sad, flat cushions were gone, replaced with lovely plump pillows. The plain colours felt grown-up and for the first time in months, the lounge room felt cohesive and put together.

Dark blue lounge, style with blue, grey and white cushions, a black and white throw rug and Scandi inspired lamp table.

What’s your latest bargain buy?

Have a wonderful week. x

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