A Sunday sunrise

Sunrise atop The Rock, New South Wales, Australia.

I normally relish my  mornings over the weekend. For a large portion of this year my alarm has gone off at 4:45am Monday through to Friday; so that ability to wake up when your body is ready, linger in bed with a coffee and to quietly plan the day ahead is something I utterly enjoy.

On Sunday though, Adam and I decided to forgo our slow morning, in favour of something a little more active. We rose in the dark, threw on sneakers and waterproof jackets and jumped in the car with our friend Clint and drove about 20 minutes south of Wagga Wagga, where we embarked on a little dawn bush walk…

It was cool and damp when we arrived at the The Rock Nature Reserve  – a patch of scrubby bush land surrounding the 364 metre ‘rock’ – and the first 20 minutes of our walk was in relative darkness.  The overnight showers had delivered a welcome wetness and the petrichor was strong in the air. Slowly, but surely our eyes adjusted to the smudgy darkness and we were able to bustle along without the use of artificial light.

As we started to climb higher, we were able to catch glimpses of the farm land and bush surrounding us, as well as the vivid orange sunrise. The bush, after being so very quiet initially, started to wake up as well and birds greeted the morning with happy squawks, warbles and screeches.

Sunrise atop The Rock, New South Wales, Australia.

The last section of the walk is a bit of scramble and was a little slippery on account of the rain.  The effort was worth it though, as when we reached the top, we were greeted with the most wonderful view. The sun was quickly rising in the sky and casting a beautiful glow over the surrounding countryside.

Sunrise atop The Rock, New South Wales, Australia.

Early morning mist swirled below us and it was just divine to stand and catch our breath and watch the scene below us appear.

Early morning mist swirls around The Rock, New South Wales, Australia.

The dark, heavy clouds added atmosphere and the cool breeze feel ever-so-good on our clammy faces.

Sunrise atop The Rock, New South Wales, Australia.

Sunrise atop The Rock, New South Wales, Australia.

We lingered a little, content to just to sit and stare.  Suddenly, giving up that slow start didn’t seem to bad.  In fact we felt energised and ready for the day ahead.

Sunrise atop The Rock, New South Wales, Australia.

I don’t think I’ll see a Sunday sunrise every weekend, but certainly as spring drifts closer, I can see myself getting behind a few more of these early morning walks. After all, it totally justifies that Sunday afternoon snooze then! 😉

Have a wonderful week. x

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