The art of the compliment

Rainbow in a paddock in north-eastern Victoria, Australia.

The other day when I was leaving work, a colleague of mine complimented me on my outfit. It was such a lovely, unexpected gesture and put a real spring in my step for the rest of the afternoon.

It got me thinking about positive words and how nice it is to receive an unsolicited compliment…

Those few kind words imparted from my colleague were genuine – which I think is why they resonated with me so much.  It wasn’t a throw-away comment, or gratuitous. It was a simple statement which wasn’t over-the-top or saccharine.  It just left with me with that lovely little glow of proper, pure happiness.

It certainly made me feel good and I really hope my joy was reflected back.  That’s the wonderful thing about compliments – they often make both you, and the person you’re directing them at, happy.

I’m not one who enjoys big public displays of praise, but my experience the other day was a really good reminder about how a few lovely words can really turn a person’s day around.  I’m not advocating for going out and complimenting every person you meet every day, but telling a friend they look great, a colleague that they did a great job on a project, or a partner that the dinner they cooked was really delicious – hell yes.

There’s so much negativity in our world at times – it’s on the news, in our social media feeds, sometimes even from friends and family who are angry or upset. It often feels like people are much more willing to say something negative, than something positive. Imagine if affirmative words were the default though?

So here’s to compliments- receiving them and giving them.

When was the last time you received a compliment?  How did it make you feel?

Have a wonderful weekend. x

11 thoughts on “The art of the compliment

  1. What a great photo you took! It’s cool how the trees look more dull and grey on one side, while they are more green and “alive” on the other (side of the rainbow). Did it make you think about the light at the end of the tunnel? That even though we might be feeling down, and things might not be so great, if we just keep walking, we’ll get to the sunny/ happy place.

    I don’t like overdone/ fake complements, but I definitely like giving and receiving them every now and then.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I actually took the picture, using my phone as we were driving to Beechworth the other weekend. It was one of those fortuitous moments and I’m so glad I managed to get the picture somewhat in focus. To me the picture seemed a really good fit for the post. Sometimes it can feel like life is a bit dark and stormy, but if you look there are often beautiful, colourful moments too. Have a wonderful weekend. x

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  2. I used to be suspicious when someone gave me a compliment– like, did they REALLY mean it, or were they just having a laugh? But, as I’ve gotten older, I realize just how preposterous that is. The last compliment I received was for a dress I was wearing; some co-workers let me know that I looked super cute in it. I accepted it, and I was especially grateful for it because even though I’m currently growing a tiny human inside of me, and that’s an amazing feat in itself, some days I still get insecure for being softer and puffier and rounder than usual.


    1. I agree Jackie- sometimes compliments can be hard to accept as genuine, but when we do, it’s such a lovely boost. Congratulations on the impending arrival of your little one! When are you due? PS- growing a new life is incredible- you should be proud of your body and the amazing gift it’s giving! X


  3. I often feel the same way after receiving an unsolicited compliment. Sometimes, it’s what I need to remember that I’m a decent and worthy person. Kind words are to few and far between.


    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for stopping by. 😊 Kind words are often be hard to come by- which is why it’s nice to soak them. We all need that little glow of warmth every now again and likewise, it’s really sweet to be able to give someone else that glow too. Have a wonderful day! X


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