Dappled sun under a autumnal tree in the Cotswold village of Bibury.

Over one week Adam and I went on a tour around Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire scouting for potential venues for our wedding.

On one particularly chilly morning we found ourselves in the charming Cotswold village of Bibury.

We took a walk around and both fell a little love with this ridiculously cute place…

Unbeknown to us, Bibury is home to a collection of National Trust cottages, Arlington Row. In the 17th century these houses belonged to weavers. They sit opposite a water meadow – which was where wool was washed and hung out to dry.

Arlington Row, Bibury, Gloucestershire.

In the cool autumn light, a little to early for the crowds to have arrived, we had a lovely wander along the water meadow and up to the cottages.

Cow parsley growing in Bibury, Gloucestershire.

Arlington Row, Bibury, Gloucestershire.

Arlington Row, Bibury, Gloucestershire.

Adam and I quite fancied a little two story home, just across the lane from Arlington Row. With its tiny windows and honey coloured stone exterior, it just looked so cosy.

Two storey cottage opposite Arlington Row, Bibury, Gloucestershire.

Unfortunately, the owner of the cottage has been in the news a few times over the last couple of years.  So many tourists seem to forget that although many villages in England are beautiful, they’re still villages where people live and work and aren’t the ‘movie sets’ so many seem to desire.

Window of cottage in Arlington Row, Bibury, Gloucestershire.

Window of cottage in Arlington Row, Bibury, Gloucestershire.

You can actually rent one of the Arlington Row cottages for holidays – which I’ve got to say would be a pretty tempting mini-break next time we’re in England!

The rest of the town is just as gorgeous and most residents appear to be fairly keen gardeners with flower pots and vegetable patches outside many homes. Nineteenth century artist, William Morris, once described Bibury as ‘the most beautiful village in England’, and I can see why.

Bridge in Bibury, Gloucestershire.

Stone cottage in Bibury, Gloucestershire.

We only had an hour or so to look around (we were in between venue visits) but it was a lovely break from our wedding planning duties.

Front gate to home in Bibury, Gloucestershire.

Although we didn’t end up selecting any of the venues nearby, it’s a part of the Cotswolds I think I’ll definitely be returning to.

Have a wonderful weekend! x




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