A West End weekend

The exterior of the Aldwych Theatre, London.

Earlier this month Adam and I had a flying visit to London. Up one afternoon, back the next. We’d both been invited to a very special show, at the beautiful Aldwych Theatre

Sally, who we went to Iceland with, was helping to stage manage La Soirée– a sort of saucy cabaret/burlesque/circus style variety show.  It was press night and Sally had managed to get us a few free tickets. She’d worked on the show previously and had spoken about it often, so we were really excited for the performance.

Looking out of train travelling through England.

We took the train into London (getting caught up in the delays and cancellations association with powerline problems around Wembley) but managed to make it to the Aldwych with more than enough time to spare.

The theatre has recently been reopened after undergoing a major renovation. It looked beautiful and the festive decorations added a special touch. The West End on a Friday night in December – how divine?!

The interior of the Aldywych Theatre, London.

Photography is not permitted during the show, but I don’t think I’ve laughed as long or as hard as I did during that hour and a half, then I have in a long time. It was a hoot! The performers were talented, warm and naughty. There were a few acts where I had to advert my gaze once or twice, but it just added to the overall fun of the evening.  Both Adam and his brother John were roped into helping in a few of the acts (I think Sally may have had something to do with that!) but they both played their roles with style.

It was a really fun night out and if you’re looking to see a show that’s a little different over the Christmas/New Year period, I’d highly recommend it. You will walk away with a smile.

The following morning  we decided to have a long brunch at a favourite cafe, not far from Sally and John’s home. Fink’s has a creative menu, with a slightly different take on the usual breakfast favourites.  Over a few hours I drank coffee and fresh mint tea and feasted on tiny English muffin burgers stuffed with creamy egg salad, crunchy salty bacon and sweet roasted tomatoes.

Menu for Fink's Salt and Sweet, London.

Breakfast at Fink's Salt and Sweet, London.

Finks Salt and Sweet, Brownswood Park London.

Sally and John’s dog, Frank the corgi, enjoyed stealing crumbs off the floor and securing back rubs off neighbouring patrons.

Frank the corgi.

Tummy’s full we made our way to Finsbury Park station to start the journey home again. I couldn’t help but snap off a few pictures of some of the terrace houses in the area.  Although they’re similar looking building, I love how individual each home looks, with fancy tiling, a coloured door and pretty potted plants.

It was a short but sweet visit to London, but one I’ll savour for many months to come.

Have a wonderful week! x

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