What’s making me happy: April

Tree set against a blue sky.

I’ve always loved the month of April for its transitional quality – in Australia it generally means the arrival of cooler mornings and the first signs of autumn.  When we were living in England it meant longer evenings and spring blossoms.  This month though, this has been what’s making me happy…

Bowl of porridge with strawberries and blueberries.


While I’m not completely over my morning sickness yet (I’m coming to the realisation I may be part of the camp of women who end up being ill for their entire pregnancy) my appetite is starting to bounce back.  I’ve had a few of those ‘absolutely ravenous’ days where I just can’t seem to eat enough, but on the whole I’m just enjoying being to eat normally again.  I look forward to meal times, instead of dreading them and the fridge is no longer something to be avoided in case it makes me retch. Now the mornings are a bit more brisk, I’m enjoying piping hot bowls of porridge, topped with fresh berries and a little drizzle of maple syrup.  At lunch I’ve been all about the bread roll – stuffed with salads, cheese and cold meat. Of a night time, classic carbohydrate rich comfort food, like risotto, pasta and jacket potatoes is top of the list.

Stuffed Highland cow.

Baby shopping

Adam and I resisted buying anything baby-related during my first trimester.  It just felt too early.  Over the last few weeks though, we’ve started to pick up a few things for baby.  They’ve mainly been small purchases – little coveralls, tiny little hats and mittens.  We’ve also bought baby’s first toy – a stuffed Highland cow.  Adam and I spent quite a lot of time in Scotland in 2017 and I became quite enamoured with the resident ‘hairy coos’.  One one particular trip I spent a morning with an inquisitive herd on the Outer Hebrides and I’ll never forget their intelligent, kind eyes.  I spotted the toy online a few weeks ago and when we found the cow in a local toy shop the other weekend, we couldn’t leave without taking it home with us.  We’ve also started seriously investigating bigger purchases like a cot, stroller and car-seat and no doubt we’ll commit to those over the coming months. Any tips or recommendations are gladly welcome!

Two mugs alongside two Tunnock's Tea Cakes.

One on one time with Adam

Knowing that come the end of the year, life as I know it will be completely and utterly changed forever, I’m really enjoying the time Adam and I have together, just the two of us. I’m savouring slow mornings in bed where we can take our time getting up and readjusting to the new day; quiet evenings on the couch binge watching what we want without disruptions; and days where we do what we please when we please.  Don’t get me wrong, we can’t wait to meet our little person, but for now I’m appreciating the months we have left of just ‘us’.

What’s been making you happy so far this April?

Have a wonderful week. x

2 thoughts on “What’s making me happy: April

  1. Enjoy your time together over the next few months and when the baby comes, make time to still enjoy your time together.
    April has been full of activities to bring joy, our youngest son turned 25 and as he is attending ANU doing his PhD, we took him to a highly recommended Japanese restaurant in Canberra and enjoyed a chefs tasting menu that turned out to be the best food, wine and service we have ever enjoyed both here and in Europe. A menu filled with very traditional cuisine and combinations that were delightful.
    We are also in the final organisational month for our 40-day adventure through Italy, Croatia & Slovenia as we will head off in a few weeks. I am certainly revisiting your posts on packing for ideas and inspiration.
    Our only concern is for Gerty (our sourdough starter) who turns a year old in May and trying to find someone to look after her while we are away. Still research on how to keep her alive for an extended period, but looks like 10 days in a fridge is about the max.


    1. Hi Larry – sounds like you’ve had a wonderful April so far. That restaurant in Canberra sounds amazing! Might have to check it out next time I’m over that way. I’d offer to baby-sit Gerty for you, but we’ve got our own starter here to look after. Hope you find someone to feed (and use) her soon. Happy Easter!


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