The calm Easter

Flowering bush set against a blue sky and tin fence.

The Easter break is almost upon us and I for one can’t wait.  To me, Easter always feels like a laid-back holiday – there isn’t the same level of expectation, planning and hysteria like at Christmas.  Perhaps it also stems from the fact, that when I was a child, Easter was always a really quiet time in my family.  We rarely travelled during the few days off.  It was always about recharging batteries, indulging in good food (and some chocolate!) and receiving a pair new winter pyjamas.

This year I’ve got a firm picture in my mind as to what I want to do…

In Australia, the Easter long weekend is being followed by the ANZAC Day public holiday – which means for a lot of people it’s the perfect opportunity to take a few days annual leave and get more than week off work.  I’m not one of those people and will be working almost all the way through – but it’s made me even more determined to recreate the slow Easter breaks of my youth.

I’m working on creating more calm for myself this year, so with the days, afternoons and evenings I have off I’m going to treat them like mini-holidays.  Adam and I are planning on cooking some of our favourite meals, I have a new book ready to read (A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood – anyone else dived in?) and a few episodes of my favourite podcast to listen to.  Plus I’d love to sneak in a few more episodes of Our Planet on Netflix. I’d like to think there’ll be a few naps in there too, and to keep old family traditions alive, perhaps even a pair of new pyjamas! My theory is, if I can have something to look forward to everyday, those solo days in the office will whizz by.  Sure an extended break would’ve been nice, but sometimes you’ve got to make the most of the situation you’ve got.

In the spirit of having a holiday at home, I’m also taking a little break from the blog so I can truly make the most of the downtime I do have.

So, if you’re travelling, be safe.  If you’re planning on a slow few days, please enjoy. Happy Easter and I’ll catch you in just over a week.

Have a wonderful weekend. x


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