Something to share: The Little Chapters podcast

iPhone with headphones laying on a grey sheet.

When I first started reading blogs many years ago, I quickly came to love the weekly or monthly ‘link lists’ many sites featured.  I enjoyed having a go-to-guide of articles, quizzes, pictures or recommendations to peruse and I often learnt something new, had my mind opened to a different perspective or was challenged by what was before me.

So, with that spirit in mind I thought I’d share with you today a weekly podcast that I’m absolutely loving…

I’m a latecomer to podcasts.  For a long time they’ve not really interested me.  I spend most of my normal work days talking to people and listening back to what they’ve said, sidled against a constant hum of news, current affairs and talk-back radio in my ears.    When I get home, the last thing I feel like doing is listening to even more chatter!  Turns out, I just hadn’t found the right podcast.

I’ve been following Kayte and Jess on Instagram for a while now and love their simple, but beautifully constructed pictures.  I then delved into each of the blogs and at the very end of last year discovered they’d started a podcast together. I tentatively took a listen  to The Little Chapters and was immediately enamoured with their insightful and frank discussions.

Much of the podcast has to do with ‘living the life you choose, not the life you think you have to live’ and that overarching mantra is explored every week under a new theme – expectations, comparison, clutter and money for example. I’m pretty sure Kayte and Jess sit around a kitchen table to record each episode and I often feel I’m sitting there, cuppa in hand, right beside them.

The Little Chapters podcast page on iTunes.

I’ve come to look forward to each new episode and often save it for a Saturday morning when Adam and I try to give the house a tidy up.  Somehow scrubbing the bathroom, or folding the washing becomes much more bearable when you’ve got something interesting to listen to!

Both women are based in the U.K- Jess in the unbelievably beautiful Peak District (if you want to learn more about the region, I spent a lovely long weekend there in 2017) and Kayte in stunning, forested northern Wales and while quite a lot of references are very British-centric, I don’t think anyone would have trouble following along.

I’ve subscribed to the blog through iTunes, but if you prefer to listen differently, Jess posts each episode to her blog.

Now I’m onto this podcast bandwagon, let me know your recommendations and if you’ve been listening to The Little Chapters, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Have a wonderful weekend. x



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