The week that was

Country road in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia at dusk.

It’s been a long and busy week, filled with nights away from home and day-trips.  I did manage to sneak in a few quiet moments though.

Here’s what my last seven days looked like…


Looking down at a candle, card and pen, a bowl of chocolate mousse and a bowl of strawberries.

When Adam and I lived in England I used to write to my grandparents to keep in touch.  They’re not particularly technologically-savvy, so emails and text messages just weren’t an option.  Upon our return to Australia, the letter writing ceased when phone calls became an easy correspondence option again.  After our visit to Brisbane last month, my grandmother sent me a thank-you card (she’s the sweetest!), so I thought I’d return the favour with a hand-written note.  After dinner on Monday night, I sat myself down, pulled out some pretty stationary, lit a candle and indulged in some dessert while writing a little letter.


Laptop screen in dark bedroom.

Adam was away for most of the week, so I decided to take advantage of the quiet evenings to do a bit of catch-up work on the blog.  I headed to bed early, got super comfortable and tapped away at the keyboard.  Although I quite like working with soft music on in background, on Tuesday night I craved silence.  I was amazed at how much I got done in around hour, which just goes to prove some days you work well in one environment and other days, you need to mix things up.


Chicken and salad roll from Bertolodos Bakery in Griffith, New South Wales, Australia.

I headed to Griffith, about two hours drive to the north-west of Wagga Wagga, on Wednesday with a colleague of work.  We had a full-on day of back-to-back press conferences and interviews. We didn’t get a chance to stop for something to eat until after 2pm.  Bertoldos is a Griffith institution – a top-notch local bakery filled with the most delightful sweet treats and some of the tastiest sandwich style rolls you’ll ever find.  It’s a bit of a work tradition to stop there whenever we’re in town, as always it didn’t disappoint. Griffith has an amazing multicultural community, well known for its cafes and restaurants.  If you’re ever in the Riverina, it’s definitely worth a visit.


Citrus farm at Hanwood, New South Wales, Australia.

The trip to Griffith was an overnight visit and on Thursday morning I found myself in the peaceful confines of a local citrus farm. It’s picking season at the moment and the trees were full of beautiful oranges.  The drought has meant that yields are down, but despite the harsh conditions there is still fruit, which honestly amazes me. The day was bright and sunny and it was lovely to just sit and take in the view, while my colleague did an interview.  I’m all about finding little moments of calm this year, and this was definitely one of my calm moments of the week.


Sunset over the southern Riverina in regional New South Wales, Australia.

I had Friday off and after being separated for most of the week, Adam and I decided to take advantage of a few hours that afternoon to take an informal road trip (more on what we did soon!)  We had a lovely time and ended up driving back to Wagga Wagga right on sunset.  It’s been a long since I was able to watch a sunset in its entirety and it was just beautiful watching the colours of the day fade away.



I worked all day Saturday and although the morning was a bit slow, when I walked away from my desk that afternoon I felt like I’d achieved an awful lot.  Last year I decided I was going to have a plant on my desk at work and I think it’s made a big difference to my work space.  My desk isn’t near a window, so it can often feel a little claustrophobic. My plant reminds me of the world outside and it’s shiny dark green leaves add a pop of colour into my rather neutral work space. I’m tempted to get another – what do you think?


Plate of roast chicken and vegetables.

I was at work again on Sunday, but I had the best ‘welcome home’ present a girl could ask for – a roast dinner.  When Adam and I lived in England, we had a Sunday roast most weekends. We like to repeat that tradition here in Australia, but it’s more likely to occur during autumn or winter, when the weather’s cooler.  This was our first roast in months, and I tell you what it went down an absolute treat. Do you have a favourite Sunday meal at your place?

Have a wonderful week. x


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