A little life update

Grey and white stripe baby booties sitting on a mustard yellow cushion.

For a couple of months now, Adam and I have had a little secret.  It’s been difficult to keep it to ourselves, but we’re in a place now where we’re comfortable to share our news…

In September our little family is set to go from two to three!  A new little life is currently growing inside me and we’re so very excited.

Adam and I have talked about starting a family for some time and we feel incredibly lucky that the process has been free of complications so far.  We’re both intimidated by the challenges ahead, but are looking forward to this next phase our lives.

The first trimester of pregnancy has been tough, but Adam has been such a wonderful support and those who we shared our news with early have been outstanding – keeping an eye on both me and baby.   I’m hopeful over the next few weeks those early pregnancy symptoms will start to ease and I’ll begin to feel a little bit like the old me again.

Everything is progressing as it should and although to the outside world  I don’t look pregnant, I’m beginning to see my body change and swell to make room for the new little person inside me.  It still feels quite surreal, but seeing our baby wiggle about on our first ultrasound and to hear its heartbeat (most recently yesterday) truly sends shivers down my spine. Watching Adam’s face light up as we go through this nine month journey together is also possibly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed.

There’s still lots and lots and lots to be done before baby arrives, but slowly and surely we’ll get there.   I’m so looking forward to meeting our baby, helping guide it through life  and sharing with it the beauty, pain and wonder that is our world.

For now though… it’s time to nap… then eat… and then maybe nap a little more!

Have a wonderful weekend. x

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