O Christmas tree

Rows of pine trees at the Leigh Sinton Christmas Tree farm

One of the first purchases Adam and I wanted to make when we moved into our new home was a Christmas tree.  When Adam was growing up he fondly remembers going to the Leigh Sinton Christmas tree farm, just north of Malvern – the trees are so well regarded they’ve even been used outside of the British Prime Minister’s house at 10 Downing Street!

Leigh Sinton Christmas tree farm
You’d have to have a big house to fit these trees in!

I’ve only ever had a ‘real life’ Christmas tree once before at my brother’s house in Canberra.  Growing up in tropical Queensland, humid summers and fir trees just don’t mix, so we always had a fake tree.

I was amazed at the huge variety of trees available…

There were so many different colours! Vivid forest greens, blue-greens, and bright almost lime greens. Oh, and the smell! So fresh and festive. Who needs a scented candle, when you can walk through a real life Christmas tree plantation?!

Pine tree and tan leather boots

Christmas trees at the Leigh Sinton Christmas tree farm

Rows of pine trees at the Leigh Sinton Christmas Tree farm

The farm also has a Christmas shop on-site where you can buy decorations, small gifts, and beautiful living wreaths.  I was particularly fond of the ones made of holly.  The plant grows prolifically around Malvern and I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at making a wreath myself.  Any tips/hints would be greatly appreciated!

Wreaths of live holly

We also walked away with a bunch of live mistletoe. It’s currently living in a jug sitting on the dresser in our bedroom.  We haven’t quite decided where we’ll hang it yet, but I think  above the stairs that go down to our front entryway would be appropriate ;).

Once we found our tree (a six foot Nordmann fir), we had it mounted onto a stump of wood and bundled it into Bjorn the car and took it home to decorate!

We have a very red living room with large leather sofas with tapestry like cushions, so decided to stick with a simple aesthetic when decorating the tree – an abundance of warm glowing fairy lights and baubles of different sizes in a brassy like colour.

A glass of red wine and a glass of whiskey in front of a Christmas tree

We’re now enjoying our tree and savouring this wonderful time of the year, where it’s quite acceptable to just sit and gaze into a corner of a room of an evening!

5 thoughts on “O Christmas tree

  1. Gorgeous pictures Mel! Your tree looks so pretty and oh my penchant for wreaths, would have to have several of them around the house. If you get or make one think of Mum as it just wouldn’t last in a tropical Christmas but how I would love one or two or three to display at home. Love Mum and Dad xoxo

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  2. Your tree looks beautiful Mall, I’m sure you will enjoy your first cool Christmas, just give Mackay residents a thought once in a while, love Alys and John.


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