Moving in

The top of a church pew sitting in a living room

Blimey, what a weekend! Adam and I moved into our new house over the weekend – it feels like we haven’t stopped.  Even though we didn’t have a real lot of ‘stuff’ between us (two suitcases each, plus a few boxes and bags of Adam’s cookwear, linen and knick knacks that his family have been minding in his absence) it’s still seemed like a massive effort.

Front door to house in Victorian-era building
Welcome to our new home!

It’s far from being ‘complete’ yet, but take a peek at our new digs…

We’re living in a Victorian era house in that’s been converted into three flats.  We’re in the top flat and have beautiful views out over the Severn Valley and up towards the Malvern Hills.

After coming in the front door to a small landing, you walk up a set of carpeted stairs to our living quarters, which comprise of a large kitchen, bathroom, lounge/dining room, study and bedroom.

Our favourite room is the kitchen, which is painted a bright and sunny buttercup yellow. It has a range cooker featuring a double oven, plate warmer, proving cupboard, gas cook-top and griddle. Adam and I can’t wait to start cooking up feasts on it!

Yellow kitchen with range cooker

We’ve been lucky enough to find a house fully furnished and this place has some great period pieces, including a set of church pews we’re planning to use as dining chairs!

The top of a church pew sitting in a living room
The pews have the most intricate carvings. I’d love to find out where they’ve come from.

We met our downstairs neighbours the other week and chatted to them for almost an hour, and our ground floor neighbours knocked on the door last night with a little present for us. It’s the nicest welcome I think I’ve ever received, and hopefully it’s a sign we’ll be really happy here.

No moving in story is complete without a bit of hiccup right?! Our shower isn’t producing hot water currently… Adam has managed to get it to a tepid/lukewarm temperature, but it’s not great :/. He’s been watching online videos for hints and in a twist of fate, a repairman was already to coming to look at our boiler this week. Fingers crossed it’s an easy fix.  This poor Aussie needs a warm shower of a night, if she’s to survive her first English winter!

3 thoughts on “Moving in

  1. Hi our Mel we can’t wait to see what amazing meals you cook up on that incredible stove. Look forward to seeing some pictures once you have arranged to your liking, it looks like it will make a lovely home for you and Adam. Love Mum and Dad xx


  2. How exciting for you both, you’ve certainly been on the hop over the last few weeks and now it’s finally time to settle in and make your flat a home. Looking forward to the updates on what’s cooking in that kitchen and some decorating tips. Kerri and Adrian

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