Bedside table featuring Moroccan style lamp, jug of mistletoe, acorn notepad and grey gloves

It’s been just over a week since Adam and I moved into our Malvern house and I’m in full nesting mode, trying to turn our new space into a home.

Our apartment is virtually fully furnished, which is great if you’ve only got limited possessions like we do, but also a challenge when it comes to decorating.  There is no clean slate, or fresh start, it’s a matter of adapting the already established style and making it your own.

Adam has a small collection of chicken jugs – as soon as we walked into the kitchen I could see the large sill on the window that overlooks the Severn Valley would be the perfect spot for them.  We’ve added a string of fairy lights around the window for added festive cheer, and the chooks seem pretty happy in their new glowing home.

Chicken jugs on a window sill surrounded by glowing fairy lights

As we don’t own a lot of ‘stuff’ we’ve also had to be a little creative in how we fill up the space that now surrounds us.

Instead of being put away in a cupboard, things like coffee and tea in pretty packaging now take centre stage on our kitchen benches. Adam (who loves cooking and is the main chef in our house) also has a fantastic collection of Le Creuset cookwear, so instead of packing his brightly coloured casserole dishes away, we’re leaving them out. It’s been cool and rainy here the last few days, so the dishes are getting plenty of use as we satisfy our cravings for warm, wholesome food.

Tea and coffee displayed on wooden bench with Le Creuset cookwear

Adam and I are also pretty conscious of our spending habits.  Moving internationally is not without its expenses and as we want to travel often while we’re living in the UK,  we’re trying to set up a home that’s comfortable and stylish but also affordable. In Australia I was a huge Kmart fan – over the last few years it’s really stepped up its game and there are heaps of lovely things you can pick up at bargain prices. I bought dozens of bits and pieces for our home in Wagga Wagga and the thought of not having a local shop to nip into, I must admit, made me a little sad!  Thankfully though, I think I’ve found a UK equivalent (minus the clothing/underwear/accessories and shoe departments) in Wilko.

For my bedside table (which is a small wooden table) I picked up a Moroccan looking lamp, which works well with the colouring and design of the pendant lights that hang in our entryway, hallway and study. I also found a cute notepad for late night ideas, lists and thoughts. Add in a jug from the kitchen with a bunch of mistletoe and a pair of pretty gloves, given to me as a gift, and you’ve got a  little sanctuary, not too far from the warmth of your bed!

Bedside table featuring Moroccan style lamp, jug of mistletoe, acorn notepad and grey gloves

The house is still a bit of a work in progress, but I’m looking forward to sharing more snippets of our home as we continue to settle in over the next few weeks :).



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