So long summer

A garden on sunset in Ganmain, New South Wales, Australia.

After months of fires, smoky conditions and heatwaves, I’m rather glad this summer is over.  Although it’s been a special time for catching up with friends and family, and watching my little boy grow and develop, I’m craving cooler nights, cosy days and hopefully a bit of rain.

I watched the sun set on this unforgettable season in a local park, on a picnic blanket, watching the world go by…

Ganmain is a small farming community, a little over half an hour’s drive to the north-west of Wagga Wagga.  It’s famed for its meat pies, a rather gorgeous homewares and clothing shop and has a really pretty main street.  It’s also plays host to Gourmet Ganmain, an annual market / food / wine festival in town’s Victory Memorial Gardens.

Adam, Paul and myself arrived in town in the late afternoon, just as the market was kicking off, and were amazed at the bustling crowd that was already forming. Gourmet Ganmain was established in 2019 and after hearing rave reviews about last year’s event (which we missed), we were quite keen to go this time around.

After a lazy wander around the stalls and checking out the dining options, we found a spot under the shade of some big trees.  There we sat for a good few hours, eating, drinking and chatting.

Gourmet Ganmain market 2020.

Gourmet Ganmain market 2020.

Gourmet Ganmain market 2020.

The park was decorated with colourful bunting, there were musicians playing in the old bandstand and the whole event had a lovely ‘village fair’ feeling about it.   Paul had a lovely time kicking around on our blanket watching people, trees and making friends with two little boys sitting near us.  Adam enjoyed a few beers with a cheese platter dinner and I relished the opportunity to people watch – admiring the vast collection of summer hats market-goers were sporting.

It was a really nice way to end the summer and a good reminder that although it’s been a tough few months for so many people, when small communities come together a lot of happiness can be created.

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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