Jervis Bay jaunt

Man sitting on a rock at Bherwerre Beach in Booderee National Park, Australia.

When Adam and I snuck away for a week long holiday last month, we fully intended to hibernate, not straying far from our accommodation, but we were so impressed by the beauty of the Shoalhaven region that couldn’t help but go on a couple of little excursions.

One of those was to Jervis Bay on the New South Wales South Coast, said to be home to some of the whitest sand beaches in the world…

Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

Our day started at Hyams Beach – a tiny coastal community on the south side of the bay.  We ate an early lunch at a local café and then took a wander along the water, watching intrepid visitors swim and basking in the winter sunshine.

Ahead of our visit, Adam had been reading about the Jervis Bay Territory – a segment of land to the south side of the bay, which was surrendered by the New South Wales Government to the Commonwealth so that Australia’s capital Canberra could have a seaport. Most of the Territory is part of the Booderee National Park.  Upon reaching the border, there’s a toll booth where you buy a pass ($13 for 48 hours) allowing you access.

View from Cape St George Lighthouse ruins, Jervis Bay Territory, Australia.

Our first point of call was the ruins of the Cape St George lighthouse. While the building itself isn’t much to look at these days, the view off the cliffs it was one perched on, was spectacular.  We even spotted a few humpback whales (well the water from their blowholes anyway!) from the cliffs.

Moes Rock, Jervis Bay Territory, Australia.

We drove around to various viewpoints on the coast, taking in scenery and revelling in the tremendous power of the ocean.

Adam was particularly keen to visit the remote Bherwerre Beach on the Territory’s southern tip, accessed by a short bushwalk.  It was an easy amble through the coastal scrub to the beach and we arrived just as two other visitors were leaving, giving us the opportunity to explore the area uninterrupted.

Bherwerre Beach, Jervis Bay Territory, Australia.

We had a great poke around some of the rockpools at the eastern edge of the beach, discovering between large rocks huge collections of tiny, colourful shells.

Tiny shells on Bherwerre Beach, Jervis Bay Territory, Australia.

Hand holding tiny shells.

We lingered a little longer on the sand, watching the sun set and then wandered back to our awaiting car, slightly windswept but with that wonderful salty scent of the sea on our skin.

Bherwerre Beach, Jervis Bay Territory, Australia.

We had such a lovely day and are so glad we decided to go and explore the area – I’d highly recommend checking it out yourself if you’re ever in the region.

Have a wonderful weekend. x

10 thoughts on “Jervis Bay jaunt

    1. Oh no Rose! I can imagine from the safety of a verandah though (perhaps with a glass of something nice besides you) watching a storm roll across the bay would be pretty spectacular. Hope you get to visit again soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi Melinda!

    These photos are beautiful!! Is the first photograph and the others of the shells and rocks taken at Bherwerre Beach? I’m looking at Bherewerre beach as a location for a family photoshoot and just love the look of these rocks. Also there will be kids in tow, can you say roughly how long the walk took to get to the beach from the carpark?

    Your advice is much appreciated,


    1. Hi Zelda! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the first image in the post and the other images you mentioned are Bherwerre Beach. It’s spectacular and would be a beautiful location for your family photos. From memory the walk from the carpark to the beach took about 10-15 minutes. I was heavily pregnant at the time and managed it with ease. I would recommend wearing some decent shoes though – you walk through a little bit of bushland initially and I can’t imagine it’d be too comfortable with bare feet. Best of luck with the shoot! M.


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