Going potty

Lobelia seedlings in a terracotta pot.

Over the last few years I’ve developed a deep affection for having a garden.   In my younger days, it was a hassle – something that took up precious weekend time, but now I thoroughly enjoy watering, weeding and getting a bit of dirt under my fingernails.

Adam and I had a rambling cottage garden in the U.K., complete with terrace vegetable patch. I desperately wanted to replicate our bags of potatoes and pots of peas, tomatoes and lettuces this spring, but the timing of our trip back to England for our wedding, meant it just wasn’t feasible and we’d miss picking the fruits of our labours.

In a bid to satisfy my earthen cravings, I’ve compromised and decided this spring I’m going potty…

Our entire backyard area is concreted, half of it undercover, with just a small garden bed on the perimeter of the block.   Last summer, Adam and I planted up herbs, succulents… and even a pineapple (!) in lots of pots.   I love the groupings of these plastic and terracotta vessels and the flexibility they afford, so we can move them around to change the feel of our outdoors space.

We inherited a few terracotta pots off an elderly relative when she passed away and for months they’ve sat outside, empty, waiting for the weather to warm so we could plant something new without fear of frost damage. One afternoon this week I decided it was safe enough to plant and went about lining the pots with stones, filling them with soil and then placing a few tiny Lobelia plants in each.

Terracotta pots, one full of soil and one full of stones.

It only took me about 20 minutes or so, but it was so peaceful to be outdoors, listening to the sounds of the neighbourhood and carefully tending to the tiny seedlings.

Lobelia seedlings in terracotta pots.

We’ve been gifted a heap of plants from a work colleague of mine, including an olive tree, Japanese maple and lamb’s ear, which I’m looking forward to potting up over the next few days.  Adam and I are hosting a big family Christmas this year, so I’m keen to get our outdoors space as thriving as possible.  I’m picturing long, hot afternoons spent amongst the greenery and really want to make it a reality.

Bluebell flowers growing under a tree.

In other garden related news, the bluebells we planted way back in autumn have begun to flower!  It’s not quite the same as the bluebell show you get on the Malvern Hills in spring, but they’re bringing a smile to both Adam and my faces and we’re so chuffed they’ve germinated.

Have a wonderful weekend. x

3 thoughts on “Going potty

    1. Hi Goldie 👋🏻. I’m looking forward to developing a proper veggie garden over the next few years but for now a few herbs will have to do. Olive trees are everywhere around Wagga- there are a number of commercial groves right near where I live. Our part of Australia has a Mediterranean climate, so they do quite well here. Hopefully our tree will too!

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