Hello autumn

Autumn leaves in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

In the last week it feels like autumn truly arrived in my part of Australia… even though winter is technically only a day away!

Suddenly everywhere I looked there were trees with vibrant crowns of red, yellow and orange leaves.  I realised the sun was taking its time to rise in the morning and by late afternoon the day’s glow was quickly disappearing into the night sky.

I’ve waited so long for this change in season and now it’s here, I’m making the most of it before it disappears…

I’ve started walking or driving down favourite roads, so I can bask in their autumnal colour. I know the coloured leaves won’t be around for long, so I’m trying to appreciate this wonderful show while it’s here. There’s something so very satisfying about standing underneath a giant tree and watching its leaves tumble around you. It’s like being under a magical umbrella, where the raindrops are crisp and colourful and make the world around you glow.

Woman wearing white sneakers and jeans standing in a pile of yellow leaves.

Adam and I have been getting stuck into the garden.  Re-potting plants and transferring seedlings from tiny containers into bigger pots.  We’ve also planted a heap of bulbs in our front garden, so that we’ll hopefully have groves of flowers come spring time.  We’ve chosen bluebells, because they remind us of the Malvern Hills, back in our Worcestershire home, and daffodils as they’re a favourite of mine and of Adam’s late father who grew them annually. I’ve never grown bulbs before, so I’m super excited at the prospect of seeing green stems emerging from the lawn in a few months time.

Hand holding bluebell bulbs ready to be planted.

I’ve also treated myself to a few new merino jumpers.  I’m a huge fan of merino wool because of its feel against your skin, its warmth and the fact it doesn’t really absorb odours-  so you can wear it quite a few times before laundering is required. Wool jumpers are generally more expensive than synthetic ones, but I think they last and retain their shape better in the long run.  My latest purchases are from here, but I’ve also previously bought merino here and here.

So here’s to leaf peeping, bulb planting and knit wearing :).

Have a wonderful weekend. x






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