A mid-week celebration

Table cloth featuring geometric pattern with vase, candles and door visible in the background.

Eating on the couch always feels like a decadent treat.  Plate or bowl balanced on your lap, you can snuggle in and enjoy your meal, normally in my case while binge watching something on Netflix.

Six weeks of eating on the couch is another story… Adam and I sold our dining table before we moved to England and last week our new one was finally delivered.  We hadn’t realised how much we’d missed eating at a proper table and to celebrate we decided to throw a mid-week dinner party…

Adam spent an afternoon in the kitchen making a pumpkin, sage and halloumi risotto, plus enough dough for four pizzas: pea and pancetta, mushroom and bacon, basil and mozzarella and peppers and soppressata.

While he worked his magic in the kitchen, I got busy pressing a tablecloth, digging out some old candle holders and picking some fresh rosemary from the garden which I arranged in a vase on the table.

Gold geometric table runner on white cloth, with candles holders and a vase of fresh rosemary.

We invited two sets of friends, who didn’t know each other, but who live on the same estate as we do.  One brought a tiramisu, the other wine and we ate, drank, chatted and laughed through the evening. I enjoyed myself so much, I forgot to take any pictures of Adam’s amazing Italian feast!

We were in bed by 10pm and the whole night reminded me just how nice a mid-week gathering can be- A chance to unwind while there are still a few days of working week ahead of you and a treat to look forward to after the weekend.

Looking down at a woman in jeans sitting on a wooden bench holding a glass of cold white wine.

It’s a little ritual Adam and I want to keep up over the course of the year. I wasn’t always so keen on entertaining on a ‘school night’ but now I’m learning it’s a really wonderful time to catch up with friends.

Do you ever host mid-week dinner parties? Any recommendations or menu suggestions for our next gathering?! I’d love to hear them!

3 thoughts on “A mid-week celebration

  1. The Italian feast sounds yummy. Yes, not having a dining table for a prolonged period of time does become a hassle. You sound like you’re great at that “adulting” thing with your mid-week hosting.


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