Boxes from England

Looking into a moving box full of records, books and games.

Last November Adam and I spent a few days sorting through all of English belongings, trying to work out what we wanted to bring back to Australia with us.  Although I hadn’t really acquired all that much, Adam still had a lot of household things that he’d left in Worcestershire, which we inherited back when we moved to England in 2016.

In the end we whittled it down to four big boxes and a suitcase.  Our English life packed up neatly. We farewelled our things and, at the time, found it hard to believe that when we’d be reunited with our stuff again, we’d back in Australia…

Late last week our boxes from England arrived.  It was like the final puzzle piece from our move abroad finally slotted into place.

Various kitchen goods sitting on a marble bench top.

Unfortunately there were some casualties – gifted tea cups, a blue and white tea pot, a heavy ceramic baking dish and a few photo frames all got broken, but it can all be replaced.

It was quite surreal pulling out things that I only ever ‘knew’ in England. Suddenly they needed a new home here in Australia.

Malvern, Worcestershire rail poster.

It’s been lovely being reunited with items that brought us so much joy in England. We didn’t have a lot of possessions in our time away, so I developed a fond attachment to everyday household things like Adam’s blue Le Creuset casserole dishes which helped create some wonderfully, warming suppers and the badger mug I used to drink my coffee out of every morning.

Hand holding mug with picture of a badger on it.

Over the weekend I took advantage of a strong breeze and curled up underneath a woolen blanket we had in England and flipped through some of the books I had abroad.  I spent many hours underneath that blanket last year, and although I didn’t really need to warm my legs under its monochrome checks, it’s familiar weight felt almost like a little hug from Worcestershire.

Tea cup and books sitting on black, white and grey check blanket.

It’s not all unpacked yet, but I’m looking forward to finding homes for all the things that have arrived back in our lives. (A kitchen cupboard overhaul is in stall I think!) It feels like our Worcestershire and Wagga Wagga homes have finally merged for good.

Have a wonderful Monday. x

2 thoughts on “Boxes from England

  1. Such a warm post. The badger mug is awesome. I’m sorry to hear about the casualties. I double bubble wrap, hold my breath and cross my fingers… It’s the worst when it’s the sentimental things (can’t be replaced) that break.


    1. Thank you for your kind words! Considering how far our boxes traveled we thought our losses were pretty good. I’ve had more things broken in moves that are only a few streets apart! Have a wonderful week- I’m off to make coffee in my badger mug!

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