The Sunday cook-up

Cast iron pot of bolognese sauce simmering on a gas hob.

Ever since I got back from Sydney I feel like I haven’t quite got back into a routine.  My working hours were all over the place this last week and it left me feeling frazzled, unorganised and like I hadn’t achieved anything. The crazy timetable meant I wasn’t feeding my body like I should, and as a result I felt exhausted and under the weather.

I wanted to start this week afresh, so over the weekend Adam and I decided we’d do a big cook-up.  We wanted the fridge and freezer full of hearty, nutritious meals, to make those mid-week dinners just a little bit easier…

We decided we’d make a huge batch of bolognese sauce, individual lasagnas (utilising some of the bolognese sauce) and a big pot of dahl (I spotted this recipe on Tania’s blog months ago and have been waiting for the cooler weather to give it a go).

There was something wonderfully therapeutic about writing out what ingredients we’d need, shopping for them and then lining up all the glass containers we’d put our meals into.

Glass food containers lined up on a wooden table.

We put some of our favourite songs on, pulled out all our supplies and got busy chopping, dicing, sautéing and simmering.   Although it took us a few hours to get through everything, it felt like a really productive way to spend an afternoon.  It was so very satisfying to see all the meals we’d created all lined up and ready to go.

Individual lasagnes in glass containers.

There was even enough time to whip up a batch of chocolate chip biscuits :).

Chocolate chip cookies cooling on a rack.

I’d love to do another Sunday cook-up soon (let’s be real though… it probably isn’t going to happen every weekend!) – do you have any tried and tested recipes that refrigerate/freeze well?

PS – The dahl was delicious… so glad there’s another generous serving already made in the freezer!

Home made dahl and naan breads.

Have a wonderful week. x


2 thoughts on “The Sunday cook-up

  1. Hi Melinda
    There must have been something in the air on Sunday because I spent the afternoon cooking. Home made burger patties, pumpkin soup, banana muffins and a sausage hot pot. I make enough to freeze for other days. It’s such a satisfying feeling cooking on a cold rainy day, the house warm and snug and smelling of delicious food.
    Enjoy your week 🙂


    1. Hi Nattie 👋🏻. Yum! Sounds like you had a super successful day in the kitchen. It’s nice seeing all that food prepared isn’t it? Last night we some of the lasagna we cooked over the weekend. So good coming home from the gym at 7pm knowing dinner was done! Have a wonderful day 😊. M x


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