A frolic at the Fayre

A frolic at the Fayre

I can’t quite believe Christmas Eve is here already – with the wedding and our lovely holiday back in the U.K., the last few months just seem to have whizzed by. I spent the weekend deep cleaning the house, finishing up the gift shopping and buying lots of delicious food.  Adam and I welcome my parents and brother this afternoon and we’re looking forward to spending some one-on-one time with them all over the coming days.

I sometimes think the build up to Christmas is more lovely than the day itself – am I the only one?! You’ve got time to ease yourself into the festive spirit and special moments manifest themselves when you least expect them.  This year I got to experience the pre-Christmas buzz in both Australia and England, so today I want to take you back to early December – when trees were just being decorated and lights switched on and Christmas markets were in full force…

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Feeling festive

Feeling festive

I was really excited to decorate for the festive season this year.  Last year, Adam and I landed back in Australia just a few days before Christmas and with unpacking the house and settling back into life in Wagga Wagga it was a low priority.

This December, and especially after seeing all the trees, lights and decorations in the U.K, I was keen to make the house feel a little jolly…

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and those you cherish a very merry Christmas. May your day be filled with light, love and lots of lovely food and drink.

I’ve so enjoyed sharing life in England with you over 2017 and 2018 is already shaping up to be a very memorable one (11 months until the wedding)!

Look forward to talking about the first few days back in Australia later this week.

Until then.

M. x

Early Christmas

Early Christmas

This year I’m going to be lucky enough to enjoy Christmas with two families, in two countries, in two hemispheres. December the 25th will be spent in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia – Adam and I will be in our old home and we’ll share a festive meal with some of his distant family that live in town.

Our English family wanted to celebrate with us though before we flew back to Australia, so on December 3rd we had ‘early Christmas’…

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Sometimes the unplanned, imperfect pictures are the best ones. It can be so easy to share images of perfectly stylised celebrations, but for me that’s not what Christmas is all about. It’s about the sitting room floor getting covered in torn wrapping paper, the dog bringing in a half chewed stick and gnawing it on the rug, spilling gravy on the table cloth and sneaky afternoon naps while wearing a paper crown.

So this is what my first English Christmas looked like: Sunny and mild (gasp!), with clumsily held video calls to Australia involving dorky family traditions, gifts to help me adapt to the English way of life, way too much food and magical lights in all the right places.

Looking towards the Malvern Hills from Malvern Wells.

A video call to my parents in Australia.

Christmas gifts about becoming more British.

A full Christmas dinner.

Star lights in the conservatory.

It was perfect. Who needs a Christmas Day that looks like it should be on the pages of a magazine, when you can have your nearest and dearest nearby laughing, eating and simply being them?!

I trust you all had a lovely Christmas Day and are now in the post December 25th haze, taking it easy… or finding a bargain at the Boxing Day sales!

PS – The Christmas elves came and overhauled the blog over the weekend. Hope you like the changes!