What’s making me happy: November

Billy buttons tied up with string and hanging from a coat rack, beside an also hanging jute carry bag.

November has felt particularly long. It’s been a combination of factors, namely Adam working out of town for an extended period; and a bout of sickness that saw Paul, myself and then Adam collapse in a heap all within about 24 hours of each other (I won’t elaborate, except to say family gastro is not fun!) So while I never like to wish away time, I’m rather glad to see the end of November.

Despite the challenging days, like always, there have been moments of joy – this is what’s been making me smile this month…


Toddler in pyjamas sits between a father's legs, also covered in pyjamas.

While babies are normally quiet content to burrow into you for comfort and reassurance, they’re only in your arms because you picked them up and placed them there. Over the last few weeks, instead of being passively hugged I’ve noticed Paul has started coming to Adam and I for that comfort, actively on his own. Sometimes when we’re playing on the floor, he’ll just stop what he’s doing and press his warm little body into mine, place his head on my shoulder and almost ‘recharge’ for a moment or two before carrying on with what he was doing before. He’s more content to just sit and be close now and often during story time, a little hand will rest on my arm, possessive almost, just wanting that skin-to-skin connection. The baby snuggle stage is oh so wonderful, but boy am I loving these hugs by choice.


Linen, cotton, dried grasses, a notebook, candle, string and vintage postcard sitting on a timber table.

I love the giving part of Christmas and often will spend weeks brainstorming and short-listing ideas for gifts during the festive period. I always like my presents to be thoughtful and hate the thought of buying for the sake of buying. I want whatever I purchase, be it something physical or an experience, to make the recipient smile. I take a similar approach to gift-wrapping, as I always think something beautifully displayed adds to whole giving game. I’m not afraid to admit, I do a get a little giddy seeing images of creatively wrapped boxes, artfully placed underneath a twinkling Christmas tree. So a few weekends ago, while Paul was napping (and after an intensive session on Pinterest) I started playing around with some of the colours, materials and textures I might use to wrap my presents this year. I’m thinking vintage imagery, dried flowers and grasses, brown paper, material, and a colour scheme of cream, bronze and dark navy. I can’t wait to start wrapping!


Woman sitting on jute rug holding bunch of billy button flowers, which are being poked by a small toddler hand.

Summer weather arrived with an abrupt bang in the last week, and it feels like the mild spring we’ve been experiencing is now over. Temperatures in the mid to high 30s (degrees Celsius) dominate the weather forecast now, which brings with it a shift in the way I approach my wardrobe. I’m a jeans and t-shirt/jumper/shirt girl for the majority of the year, but as soon as the weather gets hot all I want to wear is dresses. I like something with a longer hemline (essential when you’re hanging out with a little one), in a natural fibre like cotton or linen, that’s not to clinging. I love that breeziness that a summer dress brings, not to mention its easiness – you slip one item on and you’re dressed for the day.

What’s been making you smile this month?

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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