Looking down the isle of a large greenhouse, with small plants in pots either side of a walkway.

As I sit here typing away, rain is falling steadily on the roof. Out of the window, mist enshrouds the paddocks that lie to the south of the house, there is crow squawking away on top of a lamp post and the air has a chill about it – autumn has well and truly arrived.

It’s only in the last few days that it’s felt like the season has changed, and that shift seems apt for life at the moment…

In the last week I have tendered my resignation from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. For the entirety of my career, and for the last 13 with the ABC I have worked a journalist. I’ve been contemplating a change for a little while, but this month an opportunity presented itself, that I just had to seize. It was a big decision – leaving an organisation after more than a decade takes contemplation – but I need and am looking for a new challenge. I’m sad, yet excited at the same time. It’s been such a privilege to be entrusted to tell the stories of a region I care deeply about. I’ve reported on some of the most horrific crimes Australia has seen, witnessed the immense power of droughts, floods and bushfires, and been able to shine a light on the inspiring, hardworking people and communities of south-western New South Wales. It’s been heartbreaking and heartwarming and I’ve worked alongside so many talented people, who I’m proud to say have become some of my bestest friends.

I’ll be maintaining a strong connection to regional Australia in my new role, which is something I’m very excited about. I’ll be returning to full time work for the first time since giving birth to Paul and in another first, I’ll also be working from home permanently. There’ll be some travel association with my new position, and I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to see parts of Australia I’ve only looked at on a map. It’s scary to try something new, after almost two decades in the one industry but I’m ready to spread my wings and see what working life looks like outside of a newsroom.

I’ve been mulling over the future of this space too, which I’ve been regularly updating since 2016. While I’m settling into this new way of life I will be taking a hiatus from the blog. I want to be able to give my full to my work through the week and spend my downtime giving my full to Adam and Paul. Once I’ve got a hang of the new normal, I might find I miss this monthly update on life – but I might not either. Only time will tell. I’m still a semi-regular image capturer and poster on Instagram, so if you want to keep in touch and don’t already follow me there, feel free to.

Look after yourself and catch you soon.

M. x

4 thoughts on “April

  1. Congratulations! I feel a bit sad because I’ve just “found” your blog again after losing track of it for a long time. I love your writing, and I think it’s exciting that you’re going to spread your wings a bit! Bon courage!


    1. Hello Angela! So lovely to hear from you again. Thank you for your well wishes, they really are so very appreciated. Enjoy the archives of the blog for the time being, and who know what may in store for this space in the future… Take care. X

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