Something to share: the Brittany Bathgate vlogs

Looking down at a laptop and cup of coffee sitting on a navy blue linen duvet.

I’m a bit of a latecomer when it comes to world of YouTube vlogs.  They were a medium I’d never really explored until I met Adam, but through him I quickly learnt  there is some really interesting and engaging content available, on any number of subjects.  While I’m all for a Netflix binge every now and again, sometimes a television show or movie just doesn’t quite cut it. You want something you might be able to watch for a few minutes, and then come back to hours or even days later.  Something you don’t necessarily want to become too invested in, but that will still entertain you.  A couple of months ago, I discovered Brittany Bathgate’s vlogs on YouTube and I’ve found they’re perfect anecdote for those times when other forms of entertainment just won’t do…

I was first introduced to the U.K. based Brittany via her Instagram page.  I loved her minimal and at times avant-garde style, not to mention her Scandi-cool house.  We have similar colouring, so I found myself often mentally noting what worked for her fashion-wise, and then replicating (in part) similar looks using my own wardrobe.  

I can’t really remember what led me to checking out her YouTube channel, but I do recall it was one night while I was laying in bed.  Adam was working late and Paul was fast asleep and suddenly I found myself engrossed in one of her ‘weekly vlogs’.  They’re essentially a brief look at her week, just stuff she gets up on any given day: going to the garden centre, reading on the train or running errands in town. It’s all very mundane really without any real story line as such, but there’s something oddly calming and relaxing about watching someone make a sandwich and then sit in their back garden eating it. 

Most of Brittany’s vlogs have been created over the last few months, so the coronavirus lockdown and subsequent changes we’re all experiencing in our day-to-day lives feature heavily.  Perhaps that’s part of the appeal too – when we’re all living more socially distant lives and interaction with friends and family is limited, it’s comforting to see other people just doing their thing at home. A form of connection, albeit from afar. It’s sort of like hanging out with an old friend – you don’t need to be doing anything exciting to have a nice time.  

The videos feature some beautifully shot and edited sequences,  lovely chilled music and I really enjoy seeing a part of the U.K. that I’ve not visited before (Brittany lives in Norwich, which is about 160km north-east of London). Her YouTube channel also feature a few travel videos (Australia features heavily), as well as a couple of fashion vlogs talking about investment pieces she’s made over the years. 

I’ve found myself drawn to watching her channel when I just want to ‘tune out’ for a few minutes. It might be while Paul’s down for a nap and I’m enjoying a quiet cup of coffee, or of an evening when I’m not quite ready for bed, but am too tired to get stuck into a show/movie/book.  A light form of relaxation, when you feel the need to just sit and be.

Are you a vlog watcher? If you’ve got any other recommendations I’d love to know them!

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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