What’s making me happy: March

Barefoot woman in blue dress holding a bunch of flowers.

March is set to be a super-busy month in our household, so before things get too crazy I thought I’d take the time to sit and reflect on what’s been making me smile at the start of this month…

Looking out to the bright light from a darkened bedroom.

Dark mornings

While I relish daylight saving time during the height of summer, with just a few weeks to go until the clocks go back, I’m thoroughly enjoying the darker starts to my mornings.  There’s something oddly soothing about waking up when the sun is just a hazy smudge on the horizon and the world around you is just visible.  I like to open the blinds in the bedroom and then watch the sun slowly pour in.  The light seems softer, kinder – a stark contrast to the vivid, burning beams over summer. It’s nice to take your time to ‘come to’ after the night’s slumber, thinking about the day ahead, instead of being thrust into the daylight world immediately after opening your eyes.

Looking into a pot of soup simmering on a gas stove top.


After many weeks of feeling uninspired and unmotivated in the kitchen I’ve noticed a renewed passion for cooking this last week or so. Adam’s been incredibly flat out, working long days and it’s been satisfying to take control of the kitchen (he’s the main chef in our house) and have a meal prepared for when he gets home.  I’ve been flipping through my recipe books, finding all the meals I cook that he enjoys and getting stuck into preparation as soon as I get home from work. I’ve found the chopping, cooking and baking soothing and the big smile I get to see on Adam’s face when he walks in the door and sees what’s for supper is an added bonus.

Woman's hand holding an open book.

Quiet time

The aforementioned busy month includes quite a bit of travel away for Adam and a few weekends working back-to-back for me. As a result, I’m trying to make the most of my downtime and evenings at home alone.  Lots of early nights, a determination to finish the book I started when we were in Brisbane last month, a face mask or two, and maybe some chocolate mousse and strawberries for a special after-dinner treat ;).  A few years ago when Adam went away for a month, I tried to focus on all the nice things I could do by myself… instead of spending my days missing him. It’s a little exercise I try to repeat every time he goes away now and while I do always miss him, I like knowing I’ve got a few special activities lined up, just for me.

What’s been making you smile so far this month?

Have a wonderful week. x

2 thoughts on “What’s making me happy: March

  1. Strawberries are in season here, and I’ve been loving them as well lately.. plus quiet time, though mornings are no longer as dark as they used to be and spring is approaching fast.


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