Me time

Sweet pea flowers in a glass jar sitting on a wooden table

For as long as I can remember being alone never really bothered me. Although I’m fairly sociable by nature, I can easily entertain myself for hours with books, music, films, cooking and daily chores. Before Adam and I met, I’d lived by myself for a number of years and was quite used to the peaceful solitude ‘flying solo’ provided. Of course life changed (and for the better) when we moved in together, and while I love being in a couple and living with my significant other, I still relish snippets of time by myself.

The nature of Adam’s work means he’s often away for a few nights a week, so I regularly still get a little ‘me time’.  This week however he’ll depart for a three week long stint abroad.   It’ll be the longest we’ve been away from each other since we met and I’ve got mixed feelings about the separation. I’m going to miss him like crazy but am trying to focus on the positives and the extended ‘me time’ I’ll have.

I’ve started mentally compiling a list of things I’m looking forward to doing…

 – Going to my favourite Malvern coffee shop for daydreaming/reading/list making over quiet cups of coffee.

Coffee and sweet pea flowers

There is something very decadent about sitting in a cafe, lost in your own world, taking your time to savour a drink. I love that you can choose to make that time either completely insular or outrageously social depending on the barista/fellow patrons on the day.

– Organising girls’ nights with friends and the female members of Adam’s family.

I’ve made a couple of good girlfriends since moving to Malvern and while we socialise regularly, it’s normally always in groups with our partners. Likewise with the family I gained when moving England. A few nights of wine, food and all female company sound very appealing!

– Binge watching television shows / films that Adam has little interest in.

Laptop showing television show 'Offpsring'

Sometimes a girl just wants to watch a romantic comedy in her pyjamas, eating ice-cream while sobbing into a tissue. Or BBC period dramas.  Or ridiculous reality television shows. I feel a day of adding programs/movies to my Netflix watch list is definitely in order!

– Reading more.

Four books sitting on a wooden floor.

I’ve been a voracious reader since childhood and love books but there are times when I’ll go through a dry spell and not pick up anything for months. It’s been a good few weeks since I finished my last novel and over the weekend Adam re-acquired a heap of books he’d loaned out to family while he was in Australia. I’m saving looking at them until he leaves and can’t wait to start marking pages for new recipes to try in the cook books.

What are your favourite things to do by yourself?


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