My maternity wardrobe

Pregnant woman with hand on belly standing near succulents.

I’m almost halfway through my pregnancy now and I really can’t believe how quickly the weeks are flying by.  My morning sickness seems to have subsided (hooray!) and although I still indulge in a day-time nap whenever I can, that overwhelming exhaustion of the first trimester has passed.  I’ve also now developed a little bump and after weeks of making my existing wardrobe work, I’ve finally picked up a couple of maternity specific pieces…

When I first started looking for maternity clothes (mainly at budget-friendly chain retailers) I found that many clothes were cut too generously for my petite frame, or simply didn’t start in a small enough size (for reference, I’m about 149cm tall with a pre-pregnancy weighed about 45kg).  I was adapting my daily uniform of jeans and a top by securing my jeans with a hair elastic and wearing flowing shirts, blouses and tees. It got to a point though – especially with the jeans – where that just wasn’t comfortable anymore and I knew I had to find a solution.

In a twist of fate, an online based maternity shop visited Wagga Wagga a few weeks ago, setting up a pop-up stall.  I walked away with four items – all from the same brand – and have been decidedly more comfortable since.

Ripe Isla jegging (size: xs)

These were so comfortable as soon as I tried them on. Now I’ve worn maternity jeans, I fear I’ll never want to go back to standard denim again!  They’re super stretchy with two elasticised side panels, so they’ll adapt to my body as it changes and I like that they sit under my little bump.  I know some women prefer support and like a higher waistline, but at the moment I’m liking my waistbands below the bump. I’m wearing these jeans at least three times a week at the moment and I think they’ll probably end up being the most hard-working piece in my maternity wardrobe over the coming winter months.

Ripe embrace long-sleeve nursing top (size xs)

I nearly didn’t get this top, but I’m so glad I did. Again, it’s got lots of stretch, and the long sleeves will be very welcome as the weather continues to cool. The cross neck style is flattering and as this top is designed for nursing mothers in mind, I’ll be able to utilise it in the months after birth too. I normally wear tops that are looser, but now I’ve got a bump, I’m quite enjoying wearing something that’s slightly more form-fitting. On particularly cold days, I can see this top will be great for layering underneath a knitted cardigan or jumper.

Ripe crop top, long sleeve nursing dress (size xs)

I normally don’t wear a lot of dresses, but as my body has started to change I’ve been embracing them a lot more. Again, this dress is nursing friendly so will have longevity beyond my pregnancy.  It’s soft and falls really nicely below my natural waistline. I’ve found it’s been super versatile – wearing it to work, a family dinner and to a few evening events, pairing it with tights when I needed some extra warmth on my legs. Each time I’ve worn this dress, I’ve received a compliment (which is so nice, when your shape is constantly changing!) and have paired it with loafers, boots and heels.

Ripe grid knit tunic (size xs)

I fell in love with this dress on the hanger.  I’m a sucker for black and white stripes and for the last few winters I’ve been looking for a knit dress, but never found anything that really caught my eye.  I’m yet to wear this dress, as it hasn’t been quite cool enough, but looking at the weather forecast for the week ahead, it could get its first outing over the next few days. The knit is again lovely and stretchy and a nice mid-weight – thick enough to provide warmth without being too bulky. I love the slightly funnelled neck and can see this being my ‘go-to’ going -out dress over the next few months. I think I will have the hem slightly taken up as it sits just below my knees, which I finds cuts my rather short legs off, but apart from that, it fits really nicely everywhere else. I can see myself wearing this with tights and boots through the day and with a comfortable heel of an evening.

Everything I’ve purchased is washing really well and although it wasn’t the cheapest, I was willing to pay a little more for items that fitted me properly, that could work for both weekends and week days, and that I would be able to wear after baby is born.  On a personal note, it’s also been really nice to have a few new things in my wardrobe to wear that embrace my new curves.

How did you dress during your pregnancy?  Did you have any go-to brands for maternity wear, or were you able to adapt your existing wardrobe? I’d love any tips you’ve got to share!

Have a wonderful week. x

This post is not sponsored. All items were purchased by me.


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