Lounge pant love

Hands in heart shape over pregnant belly.

The further my pregnancy has progressed, the more my outfit choices have reflected comfort. Dresses and stretchy waistbands are now everyday staples, as anything that pulls too tightly across my bump has felt constricting and itchy.   A couple of months ago  I started looking for a few items that I could wear both during my hospital stay and in those first postpartum weeks, when I’ll no doubt be a little sore and tender and spending most of time at home.

After overwhelming success with Ripe branded maternity wear in the early part of my pregnancy, I turned to them again and in the process I think I’ve found the world’s comfiest lounge pants…

Ripe’s jersey lounge pant has been washed and packed in my hospital bag for a good few weeks now, but one night when my tummy felt particularly stretched taut I decided to dig them out.

Flatlay of Ripe jersey lounge pant.

They’re made out of a super-stretchy viscose/elastane and have a roll-down waistband, so you have the option of wearing them both above and below the bump. They’re not too fitted, but at the same time aren’t so loose that they look like clown pants. Being on the short side I was initially worried they’d be much too long for my little legs, but the cuff at the bottom of each leg, has meant I can get away without having to have them altered at all.  They’re also a lovely light-weight material, so even as the temperature starts to warm in the spring, I think they’ll still be a wardrobe option.

Feet in slippers on stool in lounge room.

My favourite thing about though is just how darn comfortable they are! On days when I’ve been at home they’re my first choice, particularly when paired with cosy slippers.  I’ve even worn them to pop to the shops a few times, pairing them with a white sneaker for a sporty sort of look.

It was my intention to save my lounge pants for when baby arrived – my thinking was, I’d probably be feeling a little rough, and after so many months of repeating the same items in the wardrobe, I’d want something different to wear – but I’m so glad I’ve started wearing them in these final few weeks of pregnancy – they’ve really been a revelation, particularly on days spent pottering around home.

Pregnant woman wearing Ripe jersey lounge pants.

I’m now very tempted to order myself another pair… because I think even when my post baby belly starts to disappear, they’ll remain a firm favourite.

Mamas, what were your favourite things to wear in those first few months post childbirth? Any further tips or recommendations are gladly welcome!

Have a wonderful week. x

This post is not sponsored. My pair of lounge pants were purchased by me.

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