A mini gallery

Close up of black and white photograph.

This past weekend I ticked off one of those jobs that’d been sitting on my to-do list for months.  It was one I was super enthusiastic about, that just got put off when my first trimester sickness kicked in, and the put off some more.

The funny thing is, it wasn’t a hard or cumbersome job, it was actually something nice – mounting some new artworks…

When I was in my 20s and living on a tight budget, one of my favourite ways to incorporate art into my homes was to buy unique greeting cards or postcards and frame them.  Even now when I’m travelling, cards are one of my favourite momentos to pick up because they’re easy to pack, don’t weigh down your luggage and are a fantastic way to bring memories of your holiday home with you.

Old habits are hard to kick, and in the lead up to Christmas last year while shopping at Wagga Wagga’s Visitor Information Centre I spotted some small gift cards that were adorned with some stunning black and white photos of the scenery surrounding the nearby Snowy Mountains town of Tumut. Adam really liked them too, so we picked out our three favourite images and home they came with us.

The photos (and the gift cards) are produced by local photographer, Donna Longobardi. There was just something about the simplicity of the black and white images and her amazing use of white space that really drew me to her photos and I could straight away imagine the tiny pictures framed in a collection, like you see in art galleries. In a twist of fate, I received a set of three photo frames at Christmas from my brother.  They were square and my three cards were square, so they were a perfect fit for each other.

As all the images were smaller than the frames, I dug out some textured white card I had sitting in the cupboard to work as a backing to the gift cards.  I measured the card up, cut out my large squares and then mounted each gift card using some Blu-Tak.  It probably only took half an hour or so complete each frame.

Three framed black and white photographs.

I’m still trying to work out where to mount out new little collection of images, and in what order or formation they’ll take. I keep on coming back to a spot above the bedhead in the master bedroom… so perhaps that’s my gut speaking to me.  I’d really like to get the frames hung over the next few days – and then I’ll feel that little job is finally done.

Where do you find affordable art for your home?

Have a wonderful weekend. x

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