A breakfast date

Morning sun streaming through a tree in downtown Wagga Wagga.

The other week, Adam and I managed to sneak in a Friday morning breakfast date.  Although it would have been lovely to have the entire morning to linger over our meal, the hour or so we had alone was just wonderful and the perfect way to start the wind down to the weekend…

Our venue of choice was Mate’s Gully – a well known Wagga Wagga haunt, right in the centre of town and set in a beautiful old house overlooking the Victory Memorial Gardens.

Mates Gully Cafe and Restaurant in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

After ordering our drinks and breakfast, we settled into a table right at the very front of the property, set amongst the lush green garden.

It felt luxurious to be having a slower-than-normal breakfast on a weekday morning. The temperatures cooled sufficiently enough now that sitting outdoors is really quite pleasant, and the morning sunshine was warm and welcoming.

Garden seating at Mates Gully Cafe and Restaurant in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

Although I’ve never been a huge fan of them, I couldn’t help but admire the pots of begonias that filled the front verandah of the property.  They looked so lovely and cheerful in their bright, bold colours.

Potted begonias in a garden.

Potted begonias in a garden.

Mate’s Gully has consistently had a top-notch menu since it opened in Wagga a decade ago and I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed whenever I’ve eaten there.  Their seasonal menu, featuring heaps of organically grown local produce is always a delight to read through.  For my breakfast I selected the poached eggs (hard poached for me at the moment!), hand-carved ham, sautéed greens, a delicious pickle and thin sourdough toast.

Poached eggs, hand carved ham and sauteed greens.

The café was quiet being a Friday morning and while it lacked that ‘buzz’ many establishments have on busy weekends, it meant the service was super quick.  I quite enjoyed the peaceful solitude of having the place, almost entirely to ourselves and did make me think that in a few months time, it might be nice to take a walk around the Memorial Gardens with the baby and then stop in for a quiet coffee.

If you’re ever in the region, I highly recommend stopping in.  It’s a venue that never disappoints.

Have a wonderful week. x




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