Star lights in the conservatory.


Sometimes the unplanned, imperfect pictures are the best ones. It can be so easy to share images of perfectly stylised celebrations, but for me that’s not what Christmas is all about. It’s about the sitting room floor getting covered in torn wrapping paper, the dog bringing in a half chewed stick and gnawing it on the rug, spilling gravy on the table cloth and sneaky afternoon naps while wearing a paper crown.

So this is what my first English Christmas looked like: Sunny and mild (gasp!), with clumsily held video calls to Australia involving dorky family traditions, gifts to help me adapt to the English way of life, way too much food and magical lights in all the right places.

Looking towards the Malvern Hills from Malvern Wells.

A video call to my parents in Australia.

Christmas gifts about becoming more British.

A full Christmas dinner.

Star lights in the conservatory.

It was perfect. Who needs a Christmas Day that looks like it should be on the pages of a magazine, when you can have your nearest and dearest nearby laughing, eating and simply being them?!

I trust you all had a lovely Christmas Day and are now in the post December 25th haze, taking it easy… or finding a bargain at the Boxing Day sales!

PS – The Christmas elves came and overhauled the blog over the weekend. Hope you like the changes!

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