Autumnal outlook

Living in the U.K. has definitely taught me about living more seasonally.  That natural rhythm of change every few months is so evident, that you can’t help but adapt to it too.

In Wagga Wagga, where Adam and I lived before moved to England, there were four seasons, but autumn and spring often arrived in short bursts, breaking up the hot and cold weather. Here it’s more gradual and the seasons are given the opportunity to ‘breath’ a little more, so you get to learn the nuances of each quarter of the year…

As I mentioned last week, autumn is my favourite season.  I love the spectacular displays of colour in the trees, the nip in the air of a morning and evening and the opportunity to layer up in cozy knits and scarves.

Trees starting to turn yellow and orange in the Worcestershire village of Broadway.

I’m really looking forward to autumn this year as in 2016 Adam and I only caught the tail end of season.  Now I’ll get to experience it in its entirety.

Already we’ve had a few foggy, low-cloud, misty days and I’ve loved the peaceful serenity that sort of weather brings. It’s almost like you’re under a grey blanket and the world around you is slighter darker, the noises a little more muffled, but you’re safe and warm.

Foggy trees on the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire England.

The hygge principles that I introduced into our home last year are re-emerging and I’m starting to light candles in evening and read books, rather than my phone, snuggled up in bed.

Overhead shot of a person drinking coffee and reading book under a woollen blanket.

A few trees I can see from our bedroom window are already ablaze in yellow and orange and a local squirrel I like to watch occasionally is busy darting about collecting food for winter.

Looking out of a dark bedroom to a misty, tree-covered hill.

A ‘Painted Lady’ butterfly  flew into the house the other day.  I read they generally appear in the late summer and its colouring feels like a sign from nature that the season of changing leaves is ready to appear.

A 'Painted Lady' butterfly on a window sill.

What happens where you live when the weather starts to cool down?  And what are your favourite things to do when it’s chilly out?

I’m keen to find the best chai latte in Malvern, create some autumn themed bouquets for the house from the trees and plants in our garden and maybe take one or two of these walks.

Happy Monday to you! x








3 thoughts on “Autumnal outlook

  1. Nice to know someone likes autumn, I’m still wishing for more summer. That’s my normal autumn activity. 🙂

    The butterfly is looking a bit tatty after a hard-working summer. (It’s a Small Tortoiseshell by the way – sorry about that – I don’t really want to be one of those irritating people who corrects others.)


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