What’s making me happy: July

Succulents in small terracotta pot.

I often think July feels like one of the longest months of the year, mainly because it’s smack bang in the middle of winter when the days are short and everyone has well and truly settled into hibernation mode – preferring the cosy comfort of home.

In the midst of this season of winter, I’m still finding plenty to smile about though…


Hand holding a cup of tea in bed.

July has started slower than normal on account of being on bed rest for a few days with my pregnancy.  I’ve been relishing the quietness of those days, waking when my body feels ready and then lingering in bed with a cup of tea, often watching the birds that frequent the feeders in our front yard while I sip on my brew.   It’s been wonderful to ignore the clock and just take the time I need to fully wake up, rather than be pigeonholed by a timetable.  I’ve always been a morning person, rather than a night owl but these slow starts truly feel like a blessing, especially as my belly continues to swell.


Hellebore growing in a garden.

Call me blissfully naive or perhaps even overly ambitious but I’d like to use my upcoming maternity leave to spend a little more time in the garden.  I know it won’t happen straight away and that one simple task might have to be stretched out over the course of the day, but I’d like to use my time away from work to be outdoors a little more.  Our backyard is quite shaded and last summer Adam installed a watering system, so I’d like to plant it out with a few more things that remind us both of England. I’ve picked out a spot to grow some hellebores, which became  a firm favourite of mine from our old cottage garden. I’m thinking maybe some foxgloves behind for some added height against the fence.


Lit candle sitting on a bookshelf.

Adam came home with a lovely surprise the other day – a new scented candle for the house.  I’ve always had a soft spot for the warm glow candles emit, especially during the cooler parts of the year.  I’m a little fussy when it comes to scents though and find anything sickly sweet or overbearingly heady too much to handle. He’d done admirably though, finding one with hints of teak, iris and petitgrain.  I like to light it in the late afternoon or early evening for an hour of so – a transition if you like from day to night.

How’s your July been so far?  What’s been making you smile?

Have a wonderful week. x



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