Daily delights

Spring blossoms on a branch against a blue sky.

Perhaps it’s the warmer sunny days, the clean sheets I snuggled into last night or the fact I’ve got a three day weekend coming up, but life’s felt really cheery this week.

Every few months I like to take some time out to reflect upon the little things that make me smile (here’s my musings from July and February), so to mark the start of spring, I thought I’d share my current daily delights with you…


Wagga Wagga has erupted into bloom over the last few days.  It started with the wattle a few weeks ago and now it feels like every second tree around town is covered in tiny blossoms, or buds just about ready to erupt. The angular starkness of bare trees during the winter is disappearing, replaced with the soft pastels of new growth.   I think Adam’s growing tired of me stopped to take pictures of the blossoms, but I just can’t help myself.  Nothing quite beats seeing those pretty, petal filled branches for the first time each spring.

Spring blossoms.


I seem to go through phases with eggs.  For months, scrambled will be my egg of choice, then it suddenly changes and it’s soft boiled I’m hankering for.  At the moment it’s poached eggs, specifically served on avocado toast. I’m working early mornings at the moment and love being able to duck home for my break, so I can indulge in my current breakfast of choice. That initially piercing of a well-poached egg, where the golden yolk  satisfyingly breaks free, coating everything on your plate is truly one of life’s great pleasures.

A poached egg on avocado toast.


After not seeing each other for two years, this weekend I’ll be reunited with one of my dearest friends.  We met through work almost a decade ago and  navigated a good part of our 20s together – dealing with heartbreak, homesickness and hangovers. Both our families lived interstate, so we became our own little family unit, forming a bond for life.   I then moved to England, and a few months later she to Tasmania and I’m so excited for our reunion (which is set to involve a weekend in wine country!)  It’ll also be the only time we get to talk ‘wedding’ before we’re reunited once more in England, in November for my nuptials… I’ve got a feeling I may be a little hoarse come Sunday afternoon!

Two young woman smiling in a black and white photograph.
Circa 2010.

What’s making you smile at the moment?

Have a wonderful weekend. x

4 thoughts on “Daily delights

  1. Poached eggs. On avocado toast. A very good breakfast idea. i approve.
    I go through egg phases, too. But not like you. Instead, I go through times when I eat eggs every day, and then I could not eat them for months. Weird.

    I smile because I got a great parking spot by work today! And the weekend is ALMOST here.
    Enjoy your reunion!


  2. Spring makes me happy, it is a gentle season with warm days and cold crisp nights. It is the season that starts to make salads look good again after those heavier winter meals. Your cloths become lighter as the sun warms you to your bones, at night it is just cold enough to allow you to snuggle up. On the eggs front, Nel will have a fried egg on our homemade sourdough every day except for Sunday, where we indulge with poached eggs, asparagus, hollandaise sauce on sourdough. At the moment, planning our 5 week overseas trip to our much loved Italy and then onto Slovenia and Croatia to explore their Islands on a small craft. The planning for this is a lot of fun and brings great joy.


    1. Your Sunday breakfast sounds divine Larry! Happy holiday planning – I adored Italy when I visited a few years ago and have yet to venture into Croatia and Slovenia, but pictures of both look amazing. Hope you’ve had the most wonderful Sunday!


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