What’s been making me happy: July

Mother sheep and their lambs in a wet and muddy paddock.

Midwinter is upon us and it certainly feels like it. This month has been damp, cold and over the last few weeks the COVID situation in New South Wales feels like it’s gone from bad to worse. Deepest, darkest winter is certainly living up to expectations. On the flipside, the rain’s been good for the garden and local farmers; there’s been ample time for snuggly stories with Paul; and I’ve been able to wear my favourite jumpers on repeat. So there’s that – and a few other things too.

This is what’s been making me smile this month…


King parrot sitting on a fence in front of a gabled house.

Paul, like many other toddlers, is fascinated with animals. While dogs remain a firm favourite, we’re at the stage where Adam and I can say the name of common animals and Paul will tell us what noise they make. The cat is probably our favourite. Meow becomes a rather high-pitched ‘oww’. As a result, we always like to take the time to watch animals whenever we see them. There are a pair of yellow rosellas that visit our front garden every winter, taking advantage of a couple of seed bells we have in a tree. Adam and I always get excited when we spot them, and now Paul likes to watch them too. While we were in Tumbarumba the other week, a very friendly king parrot visited us – Paul tried to feed it some peanut butter toast, but it declined – and while spring is still a few weeks away, new little lambs are wobbling around in paddocks. We stopped the other day to look at some and Paul couldn’t stop smiling and saying ‘wow’.


The Tooma Road, south of Tumbarumba in New South Wales, Australia.

Given the aforementioned COVID situation that feels like it’s definitely getting worse before it’s getting better, I feel very lucky that our little family managed our brief local holiday earlier this month. I think Australia’s on a precipice when it comes to managing COVID and an extensive, strict lockdown feels inevitable in the not-too-distant future. It’s made having a few days away, to relax, sight-see, and support local businesses feel all the more special. I think if the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that we need to live life to the fullest and take every opportunity we get. It’s amazing what a few days off from the normal routine can do for your spirits and that time away was something very lovely.


Woman holding cup of tea beside a stuffed dinosaur toy.

I daresay the rather English-like weather we’ve been having has contributed, but over the last month Adam and I have really embraced our cups of tea. We’ve been regularly having a mint tea in bed together of an evening as a sort of ‘wind down’ and I’ve found I’ve been craving a cup of my favourite French Earl Grey most days at about 10:30-11am. At work I’ll sip on my tea as I tap away on my keyboard. At home I’m often drinking it while doing some colouring-in or playing with blocks with Paul. If I’m lucky, sometimes I even get to share my tea with some of Paul’s favourite toys.

What’s been making you smile this month?

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

2 thoughts on “What’s been making me happy: July

  1. So glad you had a break. Loved hearing about Paul. These early days are so exciting as you get to be part of a little one’s intellectual development. It’s almost as if you can see those little wheels turning.

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