The week that was

Mixed bred cows standing in a line in a pen.

It’s been a week of contrasts at our house. It started slow, grey and sickly and ended with friends, farmyard animals and sparkling sunshine. It’s been a week very much focused on Paul, but likewise also focused on finding snippets of time just for me.

This is the week that was…


Sleeping toddler boy snuggled up to his mother on a lounge.

Back on the lounge for long, snuggly sleeps, with a sick little boy. So many people told me the first year of daycare was hard, due to regular coughs, sniffles, colds and other maladies but I don’t think I fully appreciated how difficult it would be. Countless parents and doctors have said it’s all very normal and expected while Paul’s immune system develops, but dealing with with sickness every couple of weeks is tough and tiring. It’s difficult for Paul, but also for Adam and I, as we juggle work and providing the care and comfort our little boy needs. There are some friends we’ve been meaning to catch up for months – but they too are in the midst of constant sickness with their daughter. We’re offering each other sympathy and support from afar and looking forward to the day when we’re all healthy and can see each other again!


A child sitting on a mother's lap holding a toy dog.

Paul loves dogs. It was one of the first words he said and he’ll often point at dogs and say ‘woof’ whenever we’re out and about. Paul’s got a black and white dog called Milo, which he’ll often fall asleep cuddling, but he’s also a fan of another little toy hound known as Doggy. Doggy belonged to Adam as a child and was dearly loved. Doggy’s quite worn, has had more than one ‘surgery’ to reattach his tail, but he has a sweet little face and is just the right size for toddler hands. Paul loves giving Doggy kisses and has devised this game, where he’ll run and get Doggy and toss him into the shower when I’m getting ready in the morning. Doggy’s not the most waterproof toy, so I promptly toss him out the shower. Paul thinks that’s great and then tosses him back in again… Doggy has been getting a lot of extra love this week with Paul home from daycare and it’s lovely to see an old toy getting a new lease of life.


Morning sky against the silhouette of a tree.

My Wednesday started at 5am, when Paul decided he’d had enough sleep and was ready for the day to start. He normally rises around 7ish, but a coughing fit woke him and despite my best efforts to get him back to sleep, he didn’t want to play by those rules. We had a slow start, but it did afford me the opportunity to glance a beautiful cloudy pink sunrise. The sky looked like a pastel paintbox at first light. It was cold and still, and so, so lovely. The colours in the sky only stuck around for a few minutes. After I took this photo, I went inside to make a cup of coffee to warm up. By the time I took my first sip the colours had faded significantly and by the time I finished it, they’d disappeared completely.


Face mask and part of a COVID vaccination card.

On Thursday morning Adam and I got our first COVID vaccination. We both felt fine in the hours afterwards, but by Thursday night we both had a fever and chills – very typical side effects according to our information leaflet, but not pleasant nonetheless. It’s really nice to know that by the end of this year we’ll both be fully vaccinated and hopefully that means when Australia’s borders re-open again, we’ll be able to head back to England to visit Adam’s family, who we haven’t seen for nearly three years now. It’s a step in the right direction and for the moment we just have to remain patient.


Woman's arm on top of a grey waffle duvet cover.

Those Thursday night chills turned into one of the worst night’s sleep both Adam and I have had for a long time. In between us feeling rather rough, Paul woke probably half a dozen times too, so by Friday morning we were all feeling a little under the weather. My vaccination side-effects petered out after a long, hot shower and a strong cup of coffee but Adam still felt unwell for most of the day. I prioritised a lay down for myself when Paul had his nap and it was my best decision of the day. I probably only slept for 45 minutes or so, but I woke up feeling refreshed and a tad more energised. Paul and I even made it to the park during the afternoon and I think the fresh air did us both good.


Daffodil stems poking up thrown brown autumnal leaves.

Saturday morning was cold and foggy, but by mid morning the sun was shining and there was a bright blue sky overhead. I spotted the first daffodil stems poking their heads out of the ground, a friendly reminder that spring will be here soon. I’ve been amazed at how quickly our daffodils have spread in the few short years we’ve had the bulbs in the ground and Adam is confident after the wet winter we’ve had so far, they’ll have increased numbers again this year. I just love their bright, distinct flowers and I think they’ll be a mainstay in our garden for many more years to come.


Back of a toddler boy's head looking into a paddock of cows.

On Sunday we were treated to yet another beautiful winter’s day, chilly but sunny. It turned into one of those just really nice days, where nothing amazingly special happens, but everything that does is just nice. Paul woke up a new little person – over the worst of his sickness and ready to play and explore once more. We had a family walk in the morning and in the afternoon we went and visited some friends at their farm, just outside of Wagga. Paul loved their cows and showed no fear of them at all – in fact I had to actively stop him from trying to climb into their pen! The older children doted on Paul, showing them their pet dog and guinea pigs and helping him collect lemons, limes and oranges from their orchard.

How have your last seven days looked?

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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