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Bathroom vanity at Maison Estate winery, Franschoek, Western Cape, South Africa.

Over the last month or so it feels like just about all my skincare/make-up products have run out. I’m normally a creature of habit and when I find something that works I stick with it, but sometimes it’s nice to change it up a little.

I stumbled across the Beautypedia website years ago when my skin was going through a particularly turbulent period. It not only offered an education on ingredients and skin types, but also helped me find products that after several months use, provided very visible results. I now consult it for most face/skin product purchases and to date, it’s always provided solid recommendations. Recently I’ve also stumbled down the rabbit hole that is Reddit and its beauty and skincare threads – specifically ones catering to an Australian market. They’re full of honest reviews of low, medium and high end products, from a variety of people with varying skin types and concerns.

If I’ve learnt anything through this time, it’s that everyone is different, so a holy-grail product for one person may not provide the same results for somebody else – but sometimes when you find something you like, it’s nice to share…


Cancer Council Face Day Wear Moisturiser Matte

The sun shines a lot in Australia which is lovely, but it also means we have some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Wearing sunscreen every single day is a non-negotiable for me. It wasn’t always the case, but in my late 20s it was something I committed to doing and it’s now just part of my morning routine. A couple of months ago my previous sunscreen started to make my eyes sting and water. I’d worn it for years and never had an issues, so I’m not sure if the formula had changed, or whether I’d just developed a sensitivity. I’m happy to report, the Cancer Council sunscreen hasn’t affected my eyes at all. It offers UV 50+ protection, is lightweight and spreads evenly, disappearing into my skin without a greasy residue. I wear make-up over it with no issue, it’s fragrance free, very affordable, and you can pick it up in the supermarket. It’s definitely a winner for me and I know I’ll be repurchasing it again.


Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation.

Throughout my pregnancy and maternity leave I didn’t wear a lot on my face. Most days it was sunscreen, some concealer to even things out, perhaps a touch of blush and a light dusting of powder. The last few weeks though I’ve been feeling a bit pallid and washed out. I felt like my skin just needed a bit of extra help. Bourjois is a brand I first used as a young twenty-something in my first full-time job. I adored their Little Round Pot blushes, but somehow when I used those little pots up they fell of my radar. Throughout my research for a new foundation, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum repeatedly got rave reviews, especially from people with drier skin – which is what I have. I was slightly hesitant to try it due to the inclusion of fragrance (something I’ve learnt can aggravate the skin of some people), but the consistent good reviews and a 40% off sale, lured me into giving it a go and so far I’ve not had any issues. It’s a lightweight foundation, housed in a pump bottle, that gives a light-medium coverage depending on how much you use (I find one pump is suffice). For me, the marketing strategy on the front of the bottle actually rings true – it does makes my skin look healthy. It adds just enough radiance and dewiness without looking ridiculous, doesn’t come off on your fingers when you touch your face, and offers me the natural coverage I like, for the whole day. There’s no SPF in it, which may be a deal-breaker for some, but as I already include sunscreen in my morning routine I can work with that.


La Roche Posay Lipikar Baume.

As mentioned above I have dry skin, that generally gets even drier in winter thanks to the cooler temperatures and use of indoor heating. La Roche Posay is my safe place when it comes to skincare. I’ve used their Toleraine Dermo-Cleanser almost exclusively as my face wash for about six years; the Cicaplast Baume B5 helped during the early days of breastfeeding and has healed dry, cracked elbows; and their Effaclar Duo Plus is my go to if I ever have a break-out. Lipikar Baume is a thick, rich white cream which feels really nourishing upon application. My skin just drinks it up. It can also be used on both your body and your face. Of an evening, I’ll often moisturise my arms and legs with it, then if I’m feeling really dry, use it on my face… and then use it as a hand-cream . I love the satisfaction of a multi-use product! Despite my devotion to the brand, I only tried Lipikar Baume for the first time a few months back. The results were so immediate for me though, that I knew I’d found another keeper.

Have you recently found a skincare/make-up product that’s impressed you? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

This post does not contain any affiliate links. Every product mentioned in this post I have purchased myself.

2 thoughts on “Something to share: the face edit

  1. Always interesting to hear about skincare products. I have always found it a good idea to change every now and then as well. I think foundations are the trickiest.


    1. I agree Angela. There are so many foundations on the market and getting the shade right can be hard too. When you need something new I often feel a little overwhelmed, just because their is so much choice!

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