What’s been making me happy: June

Looking out over rooftops towards a cloud filled sky with breaks of light through it.

It’s been a bit of a month. Between my head-cold (which dragged on for around a fortnight) and Paul’s stay in hospital, June has felt a little underwhelming to be completely honest. The days are shortening rapidly and we’ve had a run of foggy, drizzly days , but I think that’s been a bit of a blessing. It’s encouraged recuperation and resting and I feel like I can confront these last few weeks of June with a renewed energy. Despite the stresses of the last few weeks, as always, there were still moments of joy.

This is what’s been making me smile this month…


Looking down on a pink striped dahlia in an arrangement sitting on a wooden tray on a jute table table runner.

For the first time in a few weeks neither Adam, Paul or myself are afflicted with one thing or the other. I love quiet time at home, but it’s nice to now be back in a more normal rhythm with regular outings, commitments and catch-ups again. It feels like our house has had its fair share of illness over the last six months, so I’m hopeful that means the rest of the year will be a little healthier. While none of the sickness has been life-threatening, when you lurch from one thing to other with little respite in between it can all start to feel heavy. We’re finally on a run of sick free days and it feels rather wonderful.


Looking out on a quiet country road flanked by undulating countryside.

On Friday morning through a flurry of text messages a Sunday lunchtime get-together was organised with my brother who lives in Canberra. We haven’t seen him in a good few months and chose a meeting point about mid-way between our respective homes. We’ve done it before, and just like last time had a lovely afternoon. There was good food, a glass or two of wine and Paul adored spending time with his doting uncle. It was really good to get out of town, albeit just for a few hours, and drive through the countryside. I find sitting in a car, watching the world go by, quite cathartic. Even though our time on the road was short, it was just enough to offer that tingle of excitement and anticipation that an extended outing should.


Looking through the bare limbs of a tree to fiery and cloudy sky at sunset

I’ve spent a lot of time looking out of windows this month and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with June’s skies. From burning sunsets to dark storm clouds full of lightning and thunder, and misty, moody mornings these last few weeks seemed to have had it all. I love the way the sky constantly changes and it’s fascinating how much of an impact the world above us can have. I never really think of June as having spectacular skies – it’s normally something I associate with balmy, long evenings in the summertime, so I’m keeping my eyes peeled and looking up to see what else the month has to offer.

What’s been making you smile this month?

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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