What’s making me happy: September

Sunset along a tree lined driveway in the country

We’re three-quarters through the year, and I can’t quite believe we’re on the cusp of that countdown towards summer, Christmas and the end of the year. September seems to have just flown by. Adam’s business is the busiest its ever been, my weeks are split between ‘work-work’ and ‘home-work’ and it honestly feels like life is moving at double speed at the moment.

While downtime feels like it’s been particularly hard to find these last few weeks, I’m trying to find a balance and to look for the beauty in the everyday. This is what’s been making me smile this month…

Sandal weather

Looking down at a woman's feet in sandals surrounded by pot plants.

Spring has well and truly arrived in Wagga Wagga. Trees are heaving with fluffy new season blossom, the canola is in full bloom and the front lawn is growing like crazy. While dressing for autumn/winter will always be my preference (I have a weakness for jeans, cosy knitwear, leather boots and beautiful coats), I am loving the beautifully mild weather we’re having at the moment. It’s felt so nice to pull on lightweight clothing again, to ditch the shoes and socks and wear sandals, and to smell the scent of sunscreen on my skin once more. I love my small, highly functional wardrobe but the two pairs of sandals I’ve worn the last couple of seasons are coming to the end of their lives – literally falling apart. I have tiny feet (I usually wear anything between a 33 and 35) so shoe shopping is a bit of a nightmare. I found a pair of quite adult looking children’s sandals which should arrive in the post this week and I’m very much looking forward to starting spring with a new pair of slides.

House planning

Man standing atop of a pile of dirt.

We’re building a new house! It’s still very early days, but hopefully within the next year Adam, Paul and myself will be moving into a new home. This little project has been quietly bubbling away in the background for a couple months, but in the last few weeks we’ve been able to hit ‘go’. Essentially we’ve grown out of our current house. It was just me when I moved in, but now there’s three of us and Adam works from home full time. What worked then, is starting to get fairly cramped now, and Adam and I feel so very fortunate we’re in a position to be able to make this happen. 2020 has proven to be a real roller-coaster of a ride, but this house feels like a reward for the tough times. We’re pretty certain we’ve found our block of land and now we’re in the process of gathering ideas, talking to builders and the taking the first steps towards making this house happen. Adam and I joke we’ve always managed one big thing for every year of our relationship and hopefully 2021 will be the year of building and moving into a house we’ve designed together.


Looking down at a baby boy sitting on a merry-go-round at park.

I won’t lie, I’ve had some really tough days with Paul this month. It’s been a combination of Paul teething, having a perpetually runny nose and doing a lot of ‘learning’ and me trying to balance the part-time work/part-time stay at home mum thing. He’s cranky, tired and unable to communicate and as a result I’m cranky, tired and unable to communicate. But that’s not what’s been making me smile. What has are those good days. Gosh, I’ve had some really lovely days with Paul this month. Days where he’s devoured and enjoyed a new flavour or texture. Days where he’s added new sounds and intonation to his unique language. Days where he’s stood all by himself (albeit for no longer than a few seconds). Days where he’s been somewhere new and met lots of new people and just smiled and laughed and explored. Days where all he wants to do is play ‘chase’ – he’ll crawl somewhere, look over his shoulder to make sure I’m watching and then race off, only to turn around again to make sure I’m following. Days where my cup feels so full, it’s overflowing with love.

What’s been making you smile in September?

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

7 thoughts on “What’s making me happy: September

  1. I live in North America, so we’re ending summer and heading into fall. The cooler temperatures and changing light have been making me smile this month. 😌 I also inherited a solid wood dining set from some folks who upgraded, so that was nice!


    1. Hi Rebekkah 👋. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the cooler weather and the autumnal colours. I had a holiday along the US east coast in 2012 and was blown away by the show Mother Nature puts on for you every year. Autumn is my favourite season. That dining set sounds amazing! Do you know what sort of wood it is?

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      1. I’m not sure what kind of wood it is. It’s a dark, classic looking grain. There is a picture of it on my scheduled post for tomorrow. Feel free to stop by and leave a comment if you’re able to identify it! 😄

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  2. Congratulation on building your new home, always an exciting adventure from ideas, plans to build and moving in. I hope it is smooth sailing for your family.

    September made me happy as we have just starting roasting our own coffee from green beans. We are enjoying the many single-origin beans freshly roasted from around the world. Apart from being quite inexpensive (about 30c per cup on average) it is quite a lot of fun to do.


      1. I purchased a small home bean roaster (about $800) it is about the size of an extra-large shoebox. It takes about 15 minutes to roast 250g of beans, I have seen people do it in pans on cooktops etc, but that is really a hit and miss outcome, this is more precise and allows you to vary the roasts (light to dark roasts) and play with the timing at each stage of the roast cycle.


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