Baby hands grab hold of a chocolate cake.

Last week we celebrated Paul’s first birthday. Although he’s none the wiser to the milestone it feels like such an achievement – for both him and Adam and I. It’s truly mind blowing how much babies change in their first year of life. From a tiny, helpless newborns, coming to grips with life out of utero to little people with big personalities, so keen to explore the world around them.

We really can’t believe 12 months has passed since we welcomed Paul into our family…

I think back to coming home with Paul from the hospital. Exhausted, sore, excited and in all honesty a touch overwhelmed at the thought that Adam and I were now responsible for this little life. Somehow though, despite the sleep exhaustion, raging hormones and lack of experience you start to get a grip on parenthood. You gain confidence, you get to know your baby, you make mistakes, have some wins and the days turn into weeks, which turns into months and the suddenly you’ve hit a year.

It feels like Paul’s gone through some massive changes in the last month or so. Judging by the amount he’s eating, he’s definitely going through a growth spurt, but developmentally he seems to have lost that feeling of ‘baby’ and definitely acts more ‘boy’ now. He loves playing games – being chased, putting blocks and balls in containers, and driving cars along the floor. He’s fascinated by the vacuum cleaner, but the noise of the coffee machine is still a little off-putting. He’s developed a temper and will get cranky if you shut a door to a cupboard that he wants to explore, but likewise he’s starting to show empathy and gives a concerned look if you cough, often coming over to just place a hand on you, as if to say ‘you’re alright, I’m here’.

There was little fanfare for his actual birthday. It was mid-week and with COVID-19 restrictions still in place, we opted for a quiet celebration. There were video calls to both sets of grandparents in the morning, some favourite foods throughout the day and Paul got his first taste of chocolate cake. It wasn’t my greatest ever bake – the cake was slightly overcooked, I split the ganache but managed to resurrect it with some warm milk, and the presentation was simplistic at best – but Adam described it as ‘perfect’ for a first birthday.

It feels like such an honour watching Paul grow and develop. To teach and help him, but also to just watch and learn from him. I can’t wait for the next year.

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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